Should I give up on him?

A few months ago, I took an all day CPR class. At around noon, he asked me out to lunch. I thought we totally clicked. Soon after that, I went on a trip to Belgium but I was hesitant to add him on Facebook. A few days after I returned from my trip, I added him on Facebook. But he never made an attempt to contact me. Actually I'm not sure what he doesn't on Facebook. According to the chat thing that says when people log onto Facebook, he is on Facebook almost every day. But he never has any activity. He doesn't comment on people's posts, doesn't like anything, and doesn't post anything. I figure if he likes me he would make an attempt to talk to me, but hasn't. Should I give up on me?

8d Should I give up on *him*. Don't know why it autocorrected to that.
8d Update


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  • Eh, you can always contact him if you want to, but I wouldn't bother if I were you. No biggie, just move on.