Cluster headaches... Any survivors out there?

if you've never heard of it, cluster headaches are absolutely awful. It's been known to be the most unbearable pain ever. exceeding child birth by a landslide. Usually compared to having a red hot railroad spike driven through your head and into your eyeball for hours on end. Cluster headaches are very rare and rarely treatable. It has even been called the suicide headache for its high suicide rate. And the worst part, it almost never goes away. It will always come back and there's nothing you can do about it. Literally awful. And it can happen at any time. Shopping, family reunion, A wedding, walking down the street, all could cause you to roll on the ground screaming while you're surrounded by people staring at you. Cuz what's worse than the worst pain ever recorded? Having that pain over and over while being judged by others for the rest of your life of course! Any who, just wondering if there's any survivors out there. Feel free to go anonymous


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  • Not that I know of but I've had stabbing like headaches before.


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  • No but I get very bad migraines, they make me really dizzy, disoriented, I lose a lot of my hearing when I get one, and my head feels like I was just run over by a train.