Have you seen ghost in your real life. please share if yes. even one of your friend experienced also please share it?

I have seen two till my from my childhood. its a long story. when I was in school during good Friday night 9:30pm and after one year on my house.


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  • I saw one at a camp ground at night. He ran past a post light and disappeared. There was a tall fence and you can't get past without a passcode. He was wearing blue jean shorts and an orange t-shirt. He has dirty blonde curly hair and he had a single piercing in one of his ear lobes.

    When I was 13 I was begginimg to walk up my stairs when I saw a figure of a very tall thin man standing at the top of the stares. I jumped backwards off the stairs in shock.

    I have more, but those were the only ones that I remember seeing pretty damn good.

    • did it hurt you

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    • it depends upon the spirit. some souls will hurt damm. most of the souls they just pass from one place to other and some are just sit at one place for years. they won't cross the temples or church or mosque. they have boundaries and won't cross it.

    • I can understand that

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  • No, I can't say I have.

  • Yes, I seen a spirit of a loved one before they died

    • how u see it before death.

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    • yes. I know where it is.

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