What tools would I need to take these screws out?

What tools would I need to take these screws out?

This huge Bunk bed in my room that isn't being used just taking up space..
I can't throw it out, it's too big it won't fit through My door,
And my mom doesn't want to throw it away.
It was very expensive, so I'm going to take it apart and store it.

But how do I take this apart?
What tools would I need bitch?

I'm so sorry I didn't meant to curse at the end
Thanks i got the right thing


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  • You need what is called an allen wrench.


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  • Allen key.
    Also known as hex key.
    Go to your hardware store and ask where they're located, usually you can get a set of different sizes for pretty cheap. I'm not sure what specific size the one you posted is.


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