Furck Lmao I used a body conditioner and a body scrub bar that has menthol and peppermint oil... freezing my butt off. I tried showering with warm water but it's not going away. Stupidest thing I've done in a long time... I underestimated the products.

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8d I'm feeling a little better. I put my cheetah onesie on and fluffy socks... it's super warm.
8d Okay... so I think I like this feeling now Lol I did it again and I feel fresh. My body is numb.


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  • Rub olive oil over your body, it can counteract the harshness of essential oils such as peppermint.

    • 9d

      Always a life saver... should I just start paying you to give me advice Lol. Thanks I'll try that

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    • 9d

      Try that on a wash cloth, then apply a bit of olive oil and see if that helps. The milk should soothe the tingly/burny feeling and the oil should dilute any residue.

    • 9d

      Okay thanks.

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