How rude do you think this was?

I went shopping today to a semi expensive store. The sales ladies didn't even acknowledge me when I was the only one in the store.

When I was looking at one of the products she said without smiling, "It's x amount of dollars."

After I mentioned I had one at home, she immediately started to talk.

I was like... seriously?


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  • I prefer when they leave me alone. I hate sales people and I think their rude and annoying when they're all up in business.

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      The moment another rich looking customer walked in, they smiled at her and were helping her out.

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    • 9h

      What is so shocking? If they have products I like I'll make a purchase. I don't want someone trying to persuade me to buy products that I am not personally interested in. That's like having to watch commercials in real life; it's just annoying. If I ask about a product or for some specific service they offer, then they should accommodate me, but if I don't then they should leave me the fuck alone. Generally sales people try to hard sell products when they are working on commission, trying to get a holiday bonus, or are working for tips, and I guess you like those sort of people. I however despise them.

    • 5h

      Actually I don't think you have a clue about what my post was about.

      Showing basic courtesy, acknowledging a customer who is spending time in the store especially when there's only ONE customer, that is a basic expectation of the respect you expect to receive.

      Anything beyond that is BOTH the personal choice of the shopper and the sales associate.

      Fuck. I thought you'd realize what I meant without me having to expand

  • You should have slapped her with your cash

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      Ha ha. You know, when these incidents happen, I never really seek revenge because I think these people have nothing to do with me, and also I am aware their behaviour is wrong.

      But I come home and do feel bad about it, because I'm still human.

      So at the time maybe I think it's not consequential, but ends up being exactly that, which is super ironic.

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  • It was extremely rude. You should report her. Go online and find the company and make a complaint about her and use her name/description and store and date and time you were there.

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      Unfortunately, I think this happens a lot more than we think.

      I had another experience today where when I was buying a very expensive coat, the lady was like, "You're back," (I put the coat on hold).

      I wasn't very well dressed up, as in I didn't look rich today. I know that's what caused most of it

  • I would forgive her for that. You have to over look insults if you want to live in peace in a world where many people act like jerks. I remember going to a mall with a friend of mine and the lady accused me of shop lifting even though I was a church going, god fearing, bible believing person who would never do something like that. I was very offended but i got over it.

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      I totally agree with you. I never realized this but when we get over things, we live in peace, and peace is the most beautiful thing in the world.

      If we hold grudges, we cannot move forward.

  • You put her in her place with a few choice words. Perfect.