Is my mother the type of person who will only dislike someone if they did something to her?

I have an aunt in India. She has behaved absolutely awful towards me in the past. One of things she has implied is I wasn't attractive as a child. I told my mother all of this today.

I spoke to my mother about it for hours, then went shopping. On the dinner table, I brought up the topic, saying again she was shit-talking about my uncle, when my mother said he was so good he barely complains, my aunt's response was, "Because he doesn't have any power to get his way."

Something came over my mother and she started yelling at ME. Saying, "I'm only a visitor over there, I can't mess with her, so can't he etc. etc." She later on went on to say, "She's sitting there thinking about this (as in me) when she doesn't even live there it's not her problem etc.

2d I wonder why my mother behaves like this. I either think she doesn't believe me, or she likes her better than me which I find to be pathetic as I'm her daughter but mostly just sad


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  • This entire question needs to be reworded. Your story doesn't seem to make any sense.

    • 2d

      Yeah that's fair. I had initially written a longer post but cut it down because it was so long.

      My aunt pretty much is a bitch, but I notice people hesitate to say something bad about her because she is very good at hiding it. She is 'nice' to all of the right people, (basically people her husband who is related to my mother, find dear).

      I was telling her about some of the things my aunt said to me, and she was listening to all of it, agreeing she was a bitch.

      Then just now when I brought the topic up at nightish time, I was telling my mother that the reason my aunt gets away with things is because she's nice to the important people like my mother.

      For example, she was sitting there and telling my mother to her face that the reason my uncle doesn't say anything when people treat him badly was because he was a nobody.

      She didn't say anything bad to my mother, but about my uncle and that too in a nice way, "He doesn't get his way, poor thing."

      Why did my mother yell at me?

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      Did you bring the topic up in front of your aunt?

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      She is not related to me or my mother. She has done so many things which are absolutely despicable, especially to me.

      What I can't understand for the life of me, is what possible reason can my mother have of acting so defensively? I can only think that she thinks my aunt is laughably someone to respect.

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