Do people think you are jealous of someone if you talk about how they treated you badly?

Because I was talking to someone today about how awful they had treated me, and also why they tend to get away with treating people badly.

I am well aware that she is probably not even thinking of me. But that also makes sense because I didn't treat her badly for her to dwell on it.

I sometimes do feel resentful if people don't agree with me because it's like saying I'm not telling the truth or something.


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  • I think you hit in the truth in your last sentence. Under most anger or frustration there is hurt. To have someone disregard your opinions can feel like they are ignoring you and your experiences, like you don't matter.

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      That, and also it's an attack on your character as a person. It's like do you really think I'm a liar?

      I can't remember the last time I've lied about something small, let alone making up stories about other people hurting me.