Did the lady think I couldn't afford to pay for the coat?

When I went to buy a coat, she was initially not paying very much attention. Then she told me, "You can check the clearance section too, we have a sale on there." I made a face at her.

I put the coat on hold. When I later came to get it, she said, "You're back."

I was like... was she implying I wouldn't return to get it?


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  • It sure sounds like it, but I wouldn't get worked up about it. You're young and that's just how it goes sometimes. I mean I could tell you stories too but in the end, it really doesn't matter.


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  • Most of the time when people mention the clearance section it's because the store is pressing them to get rid of the extra merchandise. I don't think she meant it as an insult. And about the "You're back." thing, maybe she wasn't expecting you to come back so quickly and without anything else.

    • She put it on hold for me because I had to buy other stuff as well so she said I'll put it on hold for you and when you're done buying the other stuff you can come back to me.

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    • The thing is, those sales ladies get paid what minimum wage? Why should I not shop there because of a couple of stupid people seriously.

      If they owned the shop that would be a different story altogether

    • Well, if you really like the store then maybe talk to one of their supervisors, and explain the situation.


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  • Ha no, she would tell all customers about the sale to encourage them to buy something. And then she acknowledged you went back to the shop? You sound a bit paranoid.

  • No. It's probably because they need to get rid of old stock. If not, they lose profit.

    It's easier to sell the new stock that it is to get rid of old stock. Clothes are seasonal , so they are more likely to be able sell the new seasonal items than last season's. She said it purely to make more profit the business

  • was she rude? in looks and all