For the teens/twentysomethings... is getting older something that bothers you when you think about it?

I just wanna hear what y'all havta say on this topic.. Be real, and answer below.

just tryna gauge what all you who are under 25 think about getting older... interesting answers though...


Most Helpful Girl

  • I am in my mid 20s. I receently got married about a year ago.

    I feel really old.

    I am thinking of going into a career. I have my BA but haven't found a great job with it so I am thinking of switching and going back to school for 2 years. My husband still needs to get his BA. We hope to:

    1. both of us finish school

    2. both of us get great jobs in a few years (maybe 5-10 years)

    3. both of us save lots of money for a house and retirement (maybe 5-10years for the house)

    4. and maybe adopt or have a kid of our own. I really want a kid, because I want to not feel lonely when I am old if my husband happens to die early or anything. I need someone to come visit me in the nursing home!

    other than that, I hope I have a long happy marriage and no finance problems. that would be a dream come true.