Why Don't Guys Like Talking On the Phone?

I have been dating this guy for four months now. He told me when we first started talking that he "is not a phone person" but he managed to call me... Show More

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  • You use the term "guys" loosely, I myself LOVE talking on the phone with my girlfriend. I spend hours everyday waiting for her to call me after she gets off work or home from school. I don't have a texting plan so all I do is call her and hang out with her. A lot of guys don't like talking on the phone because they think its more of a "girl" thing I suppose (ive asked a lot of my buds and that's what most of em reply with).

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    • Thanks for your answer. And I do realize that there are some guys that like talking on the phone I'm just saying the "majority." :-)

    • Hehe thank you :)