Which race is most attractive?

Black women, white women, Asian women, or Hispanic women.

And don't just say all.


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  • Everyone knows white women are indeed the most attractive, it's just that people are afraid to admit it. White people won't admit it in public because they might get frowned upon by non-whites as white supremacists or racists. Non-white people won't admit it in public because of their anger and jealousy that white women are in fact the most gorgeous women on earth---white women are preferred everywhere by men all over and it makes their women look bad.

    I find it funny how many people think Latinas are attractive, but NOT pure Native American women. How come? Latinas are a combination of Native American and White European (Spanish / Portuguese). That means people don't find Native American women attractive at all because they are not part-White, but find Latinas attractive because they have White ancestry...the whiter, the more beautiful.

    • You're from Stormfront, from ANP or from Aryan Nation?

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    • I'm a black girl, and I agree with you.

    • Wow, that is SO offensive! Who says Native American women aren't attractive? I know two Native American twins who were in my theater class and they are absolutely stunning! If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all!

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  • The willing and moaning race of course. Color has no importance.

  • Caucasian. Japanese women are attractive, but I'd only date within my race (not a racist thing, I just have my reasons).

  • Personally I don't care which race but I prefer Hispanics and White women. Something about them just grabs my attention.

  • asian

  • Im going to go with hispanic because any race can be one

  • For me, my personal favorite would have to be Hispanic women.

  • Meh, I'll stick with my hand thank you very much >:3D

  • White chocolate!

  • I'd say Hispanic and white women are tied for most attractive

  • Hmmm attraction is a difficult subject because we are all engineered since birth what to consider attractive and what not to consider attractive. So w/e people choose will just have the most representation in the media and in glorious positions which make people "beautiful". Personally I spend a lot of time forcing myself not to compartmentalize race and beauty. I honostly and truthfully find women beautiful in all races/ethnicities. I tend to like tan skin more than pale overall though when it comes to all women.

  • Hispanic, White, 50/50.

    • I guess I sounded kinda shallow. To be honest, I don't care what race she is. If I'm attracted, then I'm attracted.

  • attractiveness doesn't have a race...its everywhere


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  • My race.

    • :)

    • Martians? pff, why not? But those Martian girls are strange.

      Professional secret and National Security prohibit me from saying more.

    • LOL you got it in one, good lad ha ha :D

  • Black and white are my favorites... I'm white

  • beauty doesn't have a race.

  • hmmm.

    i like mixed. =]

    Half Euro half Asians are gorgeous, but thts just me.

  • Indian =D lol where's that option!? also hispanic and asian

  • I'll say Hispanic because it includes all races :).