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Is she flirting via text?

Theres this girl I don't know if she likes me but she's started texting me alot.. Or.. Mybe I text her alot.. I'm not sure But its like we have a... Show More

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  • Try talking to her about something other than "questions" .. Talk about life, steer the convo in a friendly/ flirty direction and see where it goes.

What Girls Said 2

  • Well its hard to say, sometimes it is flirting and sometimes she's just bored and wants to talk to someone. If she meant that in a flirty way then she wanted your answer to be somewhere along the lines of "playing my video game, getting a haircut...and you". Maybe you could try answering one of her questions in a flirty way but you gotta answer your texts faster because it does break the mood when you answer days later. Good luck man.

What Guys Said 1

  • Any texts sent after 10:00 are serious business lol

    • Ive had her wake me up once at 5am once to ask for a oicture I took and she texts me at midnight a few times.. Its just this time we'd texted most of the week about her music and dancing so I didn't expect her to text me today.. And if she did it'd be early.. Its like she was expecting me to text her today and I didn't so she waited untell the last minute

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