Is she flirting via text?

Theres this girl I don't know if she likes me but she's started texting me alot.. Or.. Mybe I text her alot.. I'm not sure

But its like we have a system now..

She'll text me "question?" From time to time to ask me a question and wait for a responds

Or ill text "question" and shell text "answer" back when she gets my text

Well, I don't usually have my phone on me and I told her she can just send the real question and ill answer it.. But no she keeps sending "question" and if I don't get it untell late she says she forgot the question.. So I told her again she can just send the question if I don't respond..

Is this flirting? Some of her questions don't seem like it! usually asking if I can edit this or that with my computer for her. For her dancing ... is she just trying to talk with me?

Today I was avoiding texting her because I have texted her everday this week.. Even though I wanted to.. I have been starting all the texting conversation.. So I was being polite and didn't want to bug her again..

At 11:00pm today she texted me "question"

Whats your thoughts?

Flirting/ not flirting


Most Helpful Girl

  • Try talking to her about something other than "questions" .. Talk about life, steer the convo in a friendly/ flirty direction and see where it goes.