Is alcohol the cure for looking young?

For those of us guys plagued with the punishment of looking younger than our age, is excessive drinking a good way to make yourself age faster and get girls?


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  • It sucks now, but 20 years from now, not so much (Sorry for the cliche). Still, I would prefer to just look my age. I know where you're coming from.

    • Girls will say they like young looking guys...but they don't. They actually like guys that look slightly older than their age... Am I right?

    • I actually asked a question about this a while ago, as I was feeling the same way. Women consider it cute, but not hot. There are a lot of girls like the one you described. There are also a lot of girls that don't care or girls that look young themselves, so us younger looking guys do have a chance in the dating game.

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  • Excessive drinking will age you faster and you won't be able to reverse the effects. You won't look like you did before. Just enjoy life and how you look before you actually get old!

  • I hate looking young 2, but I know when everyone wants to look young and beautiful I still will. So just think about the future of how good it will be. Right now at a young age we want to look older but when we get older everyone wants to look younger.

    • Yeah, but I don't want to wait until I'm 30 to be able to get a girl...

  • why don't you just dress nicely and go to the gym? that will help you get girls. I'd rather have a well dressed muscular young looking guy than a wack dressed skinny/fat older looking guy


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  • Grow facial hair!

  • No... Don't even worry about it man, grow a bit of facial hair and keep it trimmed and looking nice. I look young for my age, got a bit of a baby face actually haha, but having a beard and all makes me look my age, or even older!

    Besides, think about this, when you're in your mid/late 20s and everyone's starting to age a little, you'll still look younger and the ladies will love you! lol

    You can't reverse the effects of alcohol, just wait it out... Things will be alright in the end.

  • Hahaha, I picture it, a guy with a huge carry out sitting on the table, unscrewing the first bottle.

    'Well, if its the only way...'

  • worked for robert dowie jr. but honestly no. alcohol will just f*** your life up, not worth it, enjoy your youth.

  • Dude, we'll be the ones in our 40's looking like hot 20's XD And no drinky drinky, really! You want to look older faster, and die ten years later? Though not :P Just have fun with looking younger and laugh off any insults or comments :P

  • What do you mean you can't get a chick if you look young, trust me that is a lie, I look younger then I really am, but so what I have a girlfriend and I have been with many women younger than me and older then me.

    Here are some tips on how to look your age.

    Get a hair cut, if you have longer hair cut it short, best would be to ask a girl what she thinks would be a good hair style.

    Dress more your age, instead of shirt with massive logos on them, get some shirts with no logos or even polo shirts.

    Most guys can grow some facial hair so why not see what happens, five o clock shadows, or even some chin stubble, hell if you can why not grow a full beard.

  • I hope this isn't serious, I hope you're taking the piss

    Don't abuse your health to make yourself look older! Take it from somebody who's had drug/drink problems, it isn't a good idea!