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I find myself smoking attractive?

So the other night when I was drunk I tried smoking for the first time. I smoked about 3-4 cigarettes. I spent the day after thinking about having a... Show More

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  • wait until your badass gets cancer, that'll be lovely.

What Girls Said 1

  • it is a turn on when I see guys smoking. but later on in life when I see guys that are like 50 years old and smoking a pack a day, then that's a no-no

What Guys Said 5

  • Smoking 7 drinking SO goes together...but if you pay attention to the females on here..u will c that they don't like it...so..if you smoke..do it on nites that you are not around females...

  • It makes your breath, clothes and hands smell, it has negative effects on your health I just don't see how women could possibly find it attractive? I think Smoking is loosely associated with being a 'badass' but you thinking your a badass for smoking is not badass at all.

  • Smoking makes your d*** smaller...How turned on are you by it now haha?

  • kindoff... not with smoking tho.

    • What's your object/activity?

    • my first year of high school I started buying new clothes and dressing better. it gave me that feeling... I think its just a matter of finding something that gives you confidence

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