Would you disown your child for marrying another race?

so Kobe Byrant's dad stopped talking to him for years because he married a white women.. so if it was your child what would you do.. speaking you dis-like the other race.. I'm black and I wouldn't want my son to be with a white women but I would not disown him.

my reason for not wanting my child to date white: my mother was successful black business owner in the south and the white hated her for it.. the white police made fake allegations and got her arrested. of course they couldn't prove any of them and no charges were ever filled and the white cop who was behind it ended up getting fired and now is a tow truck driver.. so yes I have a legit reason...
but I would not disown my child..
this is going to be a heated topic.. if you can't take the heat then please don't comment or answer..
P.S.- I didn't just dislike whites for no reason but whites have disliked me and my fam for the color of my skin for no reason..

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if that isn't racism I don't know what is.. but I'm suppose to just be open to all white people right? as you see most deep down just dis like us.. I made my point..


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  • Apparently, some people choose not to interpret the question as it is. There's absolutely nothing racist about this question, its just a simple question sheesh, people are so fked in the head.. and no I won't disown my child from marrying out of my race, it'll actually be a great thing, reason being that being diverse is a beautiful thing.

    P.S: people these days have issues.

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      Thank you for having enough sense to know it isn't racist!