Would you disown your child for marrying another race?

so Kobe Byrant's dad stopped talking to him for years because he married a white women.. so if it was your child what would you do.. speaking you dis-like the other race.. I'm black and I wouldn't want my son to be with a white women but I would not disown him.

my reason for not wanting my child to date white: my mother was successful black business owner in the south and the white hated her for it.. the white police made fake allegations and got her arrested. of course they couldn't prove any of them and no charges were ever filled and the white cop who was behind it ended up getting fired and now is a tow truck driver.. so yes I have a legit reason...
but I would not disown my child..
this is going to be a heated topic.. if you can't take the heat then please don't comment or answer..
P.S.- I didn't just dislike whites for no reason but whites have disliked me and my fam for the color of my skin for no reason..

"you know what

lick my balls grandma, you are sitting with your bigass on the computer with your bigass classes and you can't read

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you are a troll and you want girls to disown their kids



if that isn't racism I don't know what is.. but I'm suppose to just be open to all white people right? as you see most deep down just dis like us.. I made my point..


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  • Apparently, some people choose not to interpret the question as it is. There's absolutely nothing racist about this question, its just a simple question sheesh, people are so fked in the head.. and no I won't disown my child from marrying out of my race, it'll actually be a great thing, reason being that being diverse is a beautiful thing.

    P.S: people these days have issues.

    • Thank you for having enough sense to know it isn't racist!

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  • @Update - Just so we're clear, it's racist when he types a prejudicial view on the internet, but it's not racist when you do it, yeah, you're all for equality, LOL

    • u really don't know the difference between a preference and racism do u? I'm done talking to you then.. you just don't listen.

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    • who gave you a degree? you can't even reason! your an jack ass who can't take not having all the answers I'm done with u

  • @Update - We're not all like that, just like you're not all crack addicted thieves.

    • u see that statment right there you is y I don't talk to whites. you just stereotyped us.. smh.. my point was made

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    • im in a great college unlike you @psycho so I am very educated.. so you can stfu you damn uncle tom just grow a pair.. you are a disgrace to blacks! rude awaking white people don't give a hit about u! and hear you are sticking up for him like he does! you are dumb as hell! I can tell you have never step foot on a college campus...

    • @psycho.. shut up you are a retard I'm done talking too your dumb ass... your y black women are dating outside of our race because yall are dumb as hell...

  • No. I would be glad if my kid found someone to love him/her that he/she also loves. I was really close with this chinese girl in high school (just friends) and my mom liked her but her close friend was a bit old fashioned if you know what I mean. One day she went off at my mom for saying that she could see me with this girl. She said to my mom, "Wouldn't you feel sick if you had a grandson or daughter with slanty eyes and darker skin." And my mom just said "No. I would be glad that my son is happy."

  • This thread is a HUGE can of "oh sh!t".

    This, and the numerous other unprovoked ethnicity related threads that opened up in the last couple of hours.

  • No

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  • part of me doesn't like the idea of interacial marriage because I believe it is what is destroying strong cultures, but it is enevitible to happen, humans will soon be all mixed race. All long as their mate has a good heart the color of their skin wouldn't matter.

    • As* long as

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    • that, of course, does not justify what they did.

    • but maybe you can stop the cycle? (to not prejudge, like they did to you)

  • I don't care who my child dates.

    Boy, girl, black, white, asian, I don't care.

    So long as he's happy and safe... Why should I care? Race isn't a thing by which people should measure the integrity of a person. Race has nothing to do with the quality of the person, it's just their heritage.

    I actually would love if my child dated someone of another race, it think it would be great for him to learn another culture, experience life the way other people do. It's a really good growing up experience. There are somethings I can't show him and different ways of life is one of them, I can try to educate them but that's about it.

    Who he chooses to date has nothing to do with me so I shouldn't worry about it as long as my child is safe and healthy and being taken care of. I made my choice he can make his, I have no right to step in and say no when a stupid thing like race is the issue.

    • So the actions of a few white people dictate the opinion of the entire race? Well there are some black kids at my school who talk like gangsters and act like players and whores and dress like sh*t heads. Does that mean all black people are like that? No. yeah there are a few that act like that but most don't. So those white people were terrible to her... Most others would be proud of her for starting her own business as a black woman. Just because a few offended you doesn't mean the entire race

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    • i said I don't trust.. I have had white friends and even talk to white guys but I have my guard up but I always get to know them..

    • Alright, I'll accept that. So long as you don't automatically shun the person just because he's white. Everyone deserves their own chance. It's understandable to be cautious, not want your child to get hurt. Just keep in mind that you out right rejecting his significant other because of her race could hurt him as well.

  • Nope. As long as they are human & a positive and ambitious person I'm fine. I'll only be really upset if the guy/girl is doing nothing special and is just there. I don't think I'd ever go to the extent of disowning but there would be a distant connection. I'd also be upset if my child married a different race because he/she was ashamed of hers and didn't want to have black child(ren) (black in my case) because I know people like that.

  • Yes if the race is white.

    Several reasons I'd disown a kid that's #2.

    • Can I ask why? Rather intrigued

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    • white? those that include toilet paper? what have again toilet paper?


    • THE WHITEs coming! but Glen beck loves you link

  • Never. My child will be able to love anyone he or she wants, so long as that person isn't a psycho or an awful person. They will have my blessing in all that they do.

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