Anyone else get really jealous of people who get to travel a lot?

I get so jealous of certain people and wish I was them so I can travel to certain countries and cities myself.

sigh I want money. :-\

I should mention I have gone to a fair bit myself. I've been to about 8 U.S. states. I've been so Italy France, Spain Greece and Turkey as part of a Mediterranean Cruise. I've also been to Mexico and Canada. And a few Caribbean islands as part of another cruise. All when I was much younger.
Say where you have been if anything


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  • I've only been to the US, and just Georgia and California to visit family. So not really a foreign country at all. My dad's sister travels somewhere every couple of years, but her kids are all grown and she's single and has a really good job with an insurance company. So she definitely has the money. She has promised me a trip to Europe to see all the old opera houses and historical music sites (because I'm a music major), when I graduate. Can't wait!

    My friend's dad is a pilot, and he flies everywhere. My friend goes with him to different places during the summer months, and she gets to fly first class (or business class), anywhere in the world. And because her dad has so much seniority with the airline he works for, he can stay in one place for like 2 weeks, instead of the usual crew layover of a couple of days.

    • Cool, thanks for BA :)

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  • yep. but that doesn't mean I'm not going to travel. I will, when I get out of school and have a job

    i've been to China, Japan, Italy, France ... in order

  • lol, yeah. I wish I could travel more. I've been to a number of US states, and only one other province in Canada (but those were all when I was a kid).

    In University, most of my classmates somehow had the money to go on trips to places like Mexico or even to Europe on spring, winter, and summer break. I was always like, "How the hell can they afford to go on so many vacations while still being able to afford tuition, books, etc.?" :P

  • You have been to many places already! I'm jealous of you! and tohrment! lol

    I LOVE traveling!

  • I am - the furthest afield I've even been is Ireland, and I'm for England - so yeah - just a tad jealous.

  • very. although sometimes its not so bad because I'm personally afraid of planes...the thought of crashing and stuff =/

    • I used to be dead scared of flying in planes, after about 10ish I pretty much broke that fear in two.

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  • Actually no. I find that when I do go away I'm pretty happy to eventually get home.

    And places I am interested in going to, I think could probably use another 5 to 20 to 50 years of development and social evolution before they're really that appealing.

    For instance I was last in England in December 2009 and I vowed not to return there for at least 5 years, and not to London for another 12 years. It was just dismal and depressing and culturally stagnant.

    • Been to England 7 or 8 times, France twice, Italy twice, Scotland once, Greece once, Switzerland once, Hawaii once, California twice, Oregon 2-3 times, Washington State lots, all over British Columbia, Toronto and Montreal and Ottawa, Alberta a few times.

  • I've never been on a cruise or airplane ride once in my life yet (growing up, we just didn't have the money, and financially, things are still a constant struggle), so I can identify with this. I'm glad and happy that a lot of my friends have gotten to go different places and see the world, but after a while, it stings just a little too much to keep hearing it, because it's something that I've always wanted to do. One day though, I'll get my chance.

    • Yet another reason I deleted my Facebook was seeing other people in all these different countries and I would get so jealous lol. I', just like TAke me with you next time! please!

    • Traveling by car only, I've seen every state on the East Coast of the U.S. and Quebec City, Canada so far...yup, that's it.

  • No.

    It's no fun living in airports, missing connections & being stranded because of the weather.

  • :( No jobs in your neck of the woods pal? Money's tight everywhere (in the real world anyway) at the minute mate, I've finally decided to stop smoking, mainly for my health but also because cigs are stupidly overpriced in England, $11 in your money for 20 cigs, government theft eyy?!?! :) !?!?

    Just keep your head up, try your best to maintain focus. You any funding or resources at all? No way of saving, going travelling, obtain a work visa to earn your money to return home with? I've had a few frieds do this when they've gone to Australia, worked on fruit farms lol until they can afford to go home :)

    What places do you want to visit Mr?

    • China Ireland Spain Russia, Australia. Argentina Egypt Lower parts of Iraq where Sumeria/babylon was (if it's ever safe). I want to someday travel along the Silk Road if that ever becomes possible. Sweden, Norway, Britain... lol the list goes on and on my friend

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    • It's LA yes horrible unemployment here.

    • Worst state in your country I believe for joblessness? If it makes you feel any better it ain't exactly rosey where I am either, resigned from a job over a month ago hoping to move careers, found out I can't do the other job EVER because of my 'shady' background :(

      I'm now in the position of go back to work where I did before, have sh*t hours doing a sh*t job, or simply life off savings, money I'm owed, selling weed... the sh*t has hit the fan my friend

  • Super jealous.

    • @update: British Columbia, Ontario, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

    • Wow lol

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