Anyone else get really jealous of people who get to travel a lot?

I get so jealous of certain people and wish I was them so I can travel to certain countries and cities myself.

sigh I want money. :-\

I should mention I have gone to a fair bit myself. I've been to about 8 U.S. states. I've been so Italy France, Spain Greece and Turkey as part of a Mediterranean Cruise. I've also been to Mexico and Canada. And a few Caribbean islands as part of another cruise. All when I was much younger.
Say where you have been if anything


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  • I've only been to the US, and just Georgia and California to visit family. So not really a foreign country at all. My dad's sister travels somewhere every couple of years, but her kids are all grown and she's single and has a really good job with an insurance company. So she definitely has the money. She has promised me a trip to Europe to see all the old opera houses and historical music sites (because I'm a music major), when I graduate. Can't wait!

    My friend's dad is a pilot, and he flies everywhere. My friend goes with him to different places during the summer months, and she gets to fly first class (or business class), anywhere in the world. And because her dad has so much seniority with the airline he works for, he can stay in one place for like 2 weeks, instead of the usual crew layover of a couple of days.

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      Cool, thanks for BA :)