Do girls find army guys as turn ons?

Just a question of curiosity.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey dude,

    Good question, makes me think a little even though it like 12:13pm and I need to go to bed. I think that chicks love a guy in uniform. Because firstly there are are number of factors that will attract jsut about any chick to a guy. One of them in a guy in uniform. This is usually because of the symbols that are attracted to that uniform. For instance it means that your strong, independent, confident and more self assured that the average guy. N not to mention that sometimes a guy in uniform is just HOT!

    But of course you have to back up the uniform with some sort of an interesting personality otherwise the chick will lose interest. Just like an expensive car or good looks will attract attention I believe the same goes for uniforms. LoL

    Hot Alpha Female