Do you think you can go inside the Pyramids of Egypt or just look at them from outside?

I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned his wish to see the Pyramids of Egypt (I am Egyptian) and as we were talking I mentioned that people can get into the Pyramids and see all the beautiful paintings and tombs of the kings.

He was surprised because he thought people could only take a look from outside. That friend of mine is very cultured and knowledgeable so I started to wonder if it is a common misconception.

So, what did you think of it before I mention it now? Outside or both inside and outside? :)

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  • Inside and outside
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  • I think it's only common because we're used to seeing photographs from the outside, not inside. Some art might limit the person's ability to take photos on the inside to keep from subjecting the art to harsh light, so that could also have an effect on it. Honestly, I never thought about it before now, but I would assume there are certain places that are open to tourists on the inside, as long as they're safe and can be protected from curious hands.

    • I agree with you. It might not be well advertised and yes, it is a touristic spot and is made to be enjoyable and safe for the tourists :)

    • Awesome, thanks for this info. If I'm ever in Egypt, I will now know not to miss out on the chance to see them from the inside out

    • Yes! It is a must see :)

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  • I've long been aware that tours of the inside were available. They are also limited to relatively small groups of people and not always available, but, yes, I knew they existed.

  • I understand they are still discovering tunnels in them where kings were entombed

  • My grandparents visited perhaps 20 years ago and went in.

    I wasn't sure whether you still could.

  • I entered the pyramyds of Memphis, those of Saqqarah and the monuments in the Valley of the Kings.

    There isn't anything to steal anymore in them, thus one can just look at the paintings on the walls..

  • No, I though the passages were all collapsed and filled with rubble. I knew that grave robbers had stolen everything out of them, and I knew that archaeologists had opened them enough to crawl in, but I did not know they had been fully excavated and were open to tourists.

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  • No I have seen the inside of the Pyramids ( on TV lol) and it looks just as magnificent as the outside. However, I am claustrophobic and I don't think I can do it . So I resign to see the inside from the videos and pictures :((

    All those winding paths so dark. I'm getting claustrophobic thinking about it :o

  • I watch a lot of Egyptology shows on like the science channel, so I always figured there were areas open to the public, lol. Obviously not like new archaeological digs or anything, but the Great pyramids, sure. =]

  • We were about to go to Egypt last summer! I'm so sad we didn't.=/ We decided to only go to Kenya this time, but I would love to see the Pyramids one day! I've always thought people were allowed to go inside, it's good to have that confirmed though.

    • Lovely! :) Enjoy the safari! ;)

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    • Oh ha ha I'm glad you enjoyed. I have never been to Kenya but I definitely heard a lot about it :)

    • Thanks, yeah it's definitely a great place to visit. Lots of wildlife :)

  • I'm Egyptian too so I kinda knew that before :P lol.

    • Oh and I live there too. lol.

    • lol I know

  • i knew that cause the history channel is the 12+ version of bedtime stories

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