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Do you think you can go inside the Pyramids of Egypt or just look at them from outside?

I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned his wish to see the Pyramids of Egypt (I am Egyptian) and as we were talking I mentioned... Show More

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  • I think it's only common because we're used to seeing photographs from the outside, not inside. Some art might limit the person's ability to take photos on the inside to keep from subjecting the art to harsh light, so that could also have an effect on it. Honestly, I never thought about it before now, but I would assume there are certain places that are open to tourists on the inside, as long as they're safe and can be protected from curious hands.

    • I agree with you. It might not be well advertised and yes, it is a touristic spot and is made to be enjoyable and safe for the tourists :)

    • Awesome, thanks for this info. If I'm ever in Egypt, I will now know not to miss out on the chance to see them from the inside out

    • Yes! It is a must see :)

What Guys Said 29

  • My grandparents visited perhaps 20 years ago and went in.

    I wasn't sure whether you still could.

    • You sure can.

  • I entered the pyramyds of Memphis, those of Saqqarah and the monuments in the Valley of the Kings.

    There isn't anything to steal anymore in them, thus one can just look at the paintings on the walls..

  • I understand they are still discovering tunnels in them where kings were entombed

  • I've long been aware that tours of the inside were available. They are also limited to relatively small groups of people and not always available, but, yes, I knew they existed.

  • went to sheik oshay or whatever its called to do some diving which was cool, we were supposed to visit the pyramids but a storm was forcasted, so we didn't bother, but people we spoke to who went the next day said it was the most exhausting thing they have done, with the searches and the bus ride and the heat, with what you saw wasn't really worth going, you didn't get much more than if you watched it on TV lol, but a truly great country, and some awesome people to, just a shame with what's be happening lately, I don't know what's been going on, but its not looked peaceful from here in the UK, god bless,x

    • Sharm El Sheikh :)

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    • Sure thing :) and I hope you enjoyed :)

    • will go again when I get my diving license,x

  • link

    It looks like it is closed today

    • On Nov 11 2011they closed that day: many superstitious people tought 'something' would happen on that date.

  • I always thought they didn't want anyone to go in them to preserve it

    • But those suckers are so big I don't see how they could have security everywhere.

      There's gotta be a way to get in. My guess is that if you mess things up and get caught then you ain't coming back out.

    • They actually have security everywhere. And there is only one entrance. So its easy to control (and charge) who is going in.

  • I know no one has yet been in the Sphinx but I did know you could with the Pyramids... (I seen it when I was much younger from seeing the art on TV)

  • I've seen that dramatized American show where the Egyptian archaeologist guy and the American students investigate things, and after having seen that, I have no desire to go inside. It's cramped, dark, and claustrophobic.

    One of the girls had to go pee inside the pyramid, which summoned a mythical Anubus-head guard that cut her head off... but the Egyptian guy said the magic words and put her head back on and she started blinking again so everything was cool.

    Or did I just imagine that.. yeah I do remember a girl peeing and the archaeologist being very, very upset. But no magical guards unfortunately.

    • Hahaha Well, it isn't dark inside. It's completely illuminated for tourists to be able to enjoy the paintings and see the tombs but it's definitely humid in there. Also, the passage you walk through to get inside is very narrow and might hurt your back. All in all, I loved the experience.

    • If there was a cave-in you'd be dead as a doorknob though... I think I'll pass. Not sure I trust the structural integrity of some stone monolith built 5000 years ago by slave labour.

  • Outside I thought, I don't hear many people talking about what's inside so I assumed you couldn't go in

  • I knew you could go in I wouldn't though just doesn't sit right with me

  • well my mother has been in Egypt , so I always knew :) .

    • Nice! :)

  • I was been inside of one of them.

  • You can go in and steal stuff. Oh and there's loads of litter around them.

  • No, I though the passages were all collapsed and filled with rubble. I knew that grave robbers had stolen everything out of them, and I knew that archaeologists had opened them enough to crawl in, but I did not know they had been fully excavated and were open to tourists.

  • Yes, I knew that we can go inside. I know it, because, there was a TV show, I guess on discovery of national geographic. In every episode, they used to explain the great architectures of the world. In one episode, they talked quite in detail about Ahram-e-misar.

  • You can enter the Pyramids of Egypt now, but I'm not sure if you really could see that much of tombs and drawings, I'm an Egyptian myself too but I've never went to the pyramids since years :DD And I live 60 minutes away >.> I'd pay a visit soon since I'm considering it a shame. lol

    • lol

  • I always thought both. I haven't been in any Egyptian ones but in some mayan ones.

  • Course you can go inside the pyramids. I've been in them.

  • Yeah, I think I'd rather be inside it too instead of just looking at it from the outside. :D

  • "You can be very close to the pyramids and sphinx. Although you cannot get close enough to the sphinx to touch it, there are ramps to allow you to get a good look, and some great photos.

    You can touch the pyramids, and enter them. Some pyramids you climb up steps to get into, some you walk into...and the entry is a downward slope...so be careful. It is definitely worth going into a pyramid, even if you only go into one. But it is very HOT inside. If you wait outside to see other people coming out you will see the sweat pouring off them, lol.

    If your trip is to include Upper Egypt, then you should definitely make sure you visit the Valley Of Kings, its amazing. The tombs there are really awesome, again you can go inside many of them, most of them here are easy access and easy to walk inside. Most Nile cruises include this trip along with other visits to tombs and temples...well worth it."

    Its a wonderful country to visit, Good Luck and enjoy your trip. :)


    • LOL Man, I live in Egypt! :D :D

    • I so did not know that! :)

  • I did not vote...I am embarrassed to admit that I was not sure..I was talking to a guy in Shytown (Chicago) one day and he claimed he had bribed some guard to allow him to tee off (golf) on top of a Pyramid...do you believe that story?

    • tee off?

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    • OK I voted..but yuo are still not gettting me..he claims he bribed a guard to climb up on top of a Pyramid and hit a golf ball off into the distance...no question of there being a gold course there!

    • Aha! I can get it now, but I don't think it's possible. It might kill someone. This place is crowded with people.

  • I had heard of people being able to go inside, because of a Hostory Channel show. But I'm not sure how much you can see inside there. You've opened my eyes Sally! Horus bless you :)

    • Hostory? hmmmmmmmmm O_o

    • iPhone lol.

    • Hahaha :)

  • I suspected you might be able to go inside but wasn't sure. now you just confirmed it. :-P

    • BTW they have sections blocked off to protect you from all the traps and stuff right? lol I don't wanna accidentally fall through a lose stone block to a spiked pit.. O_O

    • Haha It's a touristic place and they make it enjoyable and safe for people :)

    • Whoa you featured it huh? Trying to expose everyone's ignorance for a laugh? CRUEL!

  • It would be nice but, After seeing movies like The mummy I'm straight.

    • What would be nice?

  • Just looking at them from outside wouldn't be enough-I'd have to have a look inside as well. They're beyond fascinating to me, and I've had an interest in Ancient Egypt ever since I was a child in school where we learned about King Tut's tomb-as well as his burial mask. No misconception on my part, I'm not bragging, but I know my history.

  • Of course you can go inside, isn't that where you guys live?

    • Mubarak can go live in one of them to get away from everybody who would tear him to pieces.

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    • The guy they just drove out of power...

    • Oh well I'm glad they finally did it, its been a year already.

  • I know for a fact that you can go inside them, because I went there last year.

  • I've never been there, but I know you can go inside.

What Girls Said 19

  • No I have seen the inside of the Pyramids ( on TV lol) and it looks just as magnificent as the outside. However, I am claustrophobic and I don't think I can do it . So I resign to see the inside from the videos and pictures :((

    All those winding paths so dark. I'm getting claustrophobic thinking about it :o

  • Most people just look at them from the outside I guess cause it must be hell of a lot of money to go inside

    • Not at all. :)

  • I watch a lot of Egyptology shows on like the science channel, so I always figured there were areas open to the public, lol. Obviously not like new archaeological digs or anything, but the Great pyramids, sure. =]

    • Nice! :)

  • We were about to go to Egypt last summer! I'm so sad we didn't.=/ We decided to only go to Kenya this time, but I would love to see the Pyramids one day! I've always thought people were allowed to go inside, it's good to have that confirmed though.

    • Lovely! :) Enjoy the safari! ;)

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    • Oh ha ha I'm glad you enjoyed. I have never been to Kenya but I definitely heard a lot about it :)

    • Thanks, yeah it's definitely a great place to visit. Lots of wildlife :)

  • I was in Egypt in 2007 and I went inside khufu I think.

  • I'd love to go in an Egyptian Pyramid, that would be neat :)

  • I'm so suprised as him, I didn't know it was possible! It's amazing!

    • Yes! :)

  • I thought you could see them from the outside but if you can go in that would be really cool and I would totally do that.

    • Yes, you can! :) You would enjoy it very much.

    • Awesome! That would be cool to see the egyptian wall art with the hieroglyphs.

    • Yes :) And awesome paintings and tombs of the kings as well.

  • I wasn't sure about it. I have wondered about it before also, but didn't know the correct answer. But man I would totally love to go in there and see everything that there is in the pyramids, they are so fascinating!

    • It sure is! :)

  • I knew you could go inside the pyramids before! My parents told me... :D

    • :D

  • I'm Egyptian too so I kinda knew that before :P lol.

    • Oh and I live there too. lol.

    • lol I know

  • I've always known you can go inside...hell, if my peeps from the Sims 3 can go inside the pyramids, why can't real actual people? LOL... (but I'd doubt we'd be fighting mummies, and raiding tombs)

  • I always thought people could go inside?

    • Brag about it :P lol

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    • I am DEFINITELY doing that one day. It's non-negotiable. Especially cos I have my very own tour guide (i.e. you)

    • Hahaha exactamente :)))

  • i knew that cause the history channel is the 12+ version of bedtime stories

  • I know you can go inside. I take Travel and Tourism so I'm suposed to lol...xX

    • Haha :)

  • I knew you could go inside

  • You can go inside them, but you can't walk around inside them freely. You have a path that you walk.

  • I just assumed you could only look around from the outside. o_o

    In the movie Despicable Me, I think there's a scene where the Pyramid of Giza is 'stolen' and you can see spectators and tourists surrounding it and it's sectioned off with ropes. I guess I just assumed that's how it really is.

    But that's so cool you can actually go inside.

    • Yup, yup :)

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