Buy five, get the sixth one free...??

I was at Aerie last weekend and I was signing up for the rewards program, and the girl told me that one of the promos was if you bought five bras, you got a sixth free. does that mean buy five bras all at ONCE, or just buy five bras over a period of time, and THEN get a sixth free? I'm just confused by it :P


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  • "Special "Buy 5 Bras get the 6th Bra Free" benefit when members shop aerie stores or Count of Bras purchased will be reset to zero on January one of every year. Redeemable at aerie stores only (not online), and subject to certificate terms and conditions, including expiration dates."


    I would assume by their Terms and Conditions it's not all at once.


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  • You buy 5 right then, and get the 6th free. Unless it's like a punch card thing, and then it's over a period of time. You have to ask them on what they do. Some stores are nice enough to where it's done over time because they know you don't need 5 things all at one time.

  • it was probably you have to buy them all at once


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  • I signed up for their bra rewards and after noticing my points weren't showing for 3/4 bras I bought this year I contacted customer service. when I finally got an answer I was told 3 bras I purchased for about 70 were excluded and classified as accessories. They were lace bras with coordinating panties. There was no exclusions noted in item description, my online receipt, or in terms and conditions for the reward program an employee looked up with me to see if there was any exclusion and there wasn't. I don't know how they can get away with this but I don't trust Aerie/AE anymore as a company after this. I was prompted to contact corporate office when I wasn't happy with response and they said there's nothing they can do for me.

  • All at once.

    • Or maybe not lol... I just read the other girls comment. She's right sounds as tho you don't have to buy them all at once. :)