Is weed really illegal?

I mean is it really?..-_- everybody smoke weed like its legal.Rappers rap about it and admit they do it for living.If I was about 5 years younger I would actual think its legal and not even illegal.Same thing with hoes...its only legal in Nevada but everybody talks and rap about as if its not even Everybody got a hoe nowadays

What do yall think about this?


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  • Yes its illegal interesting enough racism made it illegal. Kinda interesting don't you think? Personally I think it should be legal because it would reduce crime greatly,.


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  • Rap isn't real realize that right?

    • Some of rap is real life that is why they call it express yourself, I hope you know rap history

    • Exactly some..and rap is a business, rappers are selling a product and an image lets not forget that either. And they have to maintain that image for their target audience white males between the ages of 16-25. Expression is a naive way of looking at the entertainment business now a days its mostly smoke and mirrors.

  • Lesson: Don't look to rap songs for legality research.

  • its most def illegal. just because the openly admit to doing it doesn't make it any less?

    they werent caught in the act therefore can't get arrested. and prostitution is only legal in liscened brothels in Nevada

  • It's illegal even though it's openly talked about. Some states it's legal on state government levels, while it's still illegal on a federal level and the FBI could bust those operations and government officials, but that's really techinical and complicated. But otherwise it's still illegal and rap isn't the best learning tool.

    • Not complicated at all really, the tenth ammendment allows states to have their own laws as long as they are in compliance with the Constitution. The Constitution says nothing about weed so the federal government can make it illegal if they want which they have. But on that same logic, states can make it legal is they want. It can be the other way around too, legal on a federal level but illegal on a state level.

  • Both are legal in Holland - the Netherlands

    • Totes, everyone over 18 is allowed to hold up to 5grams.

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  • I hate to break it to you, but when you see videos of them rapping and they've got "booty girls", expensive cars, planes, and houses, that's all fake too in the vast majority of cases. The houses, cars, and planes are rented, the girls are hired for the shoot, and most of their jewelry is fake.

    A lot of rappers come from the ghetto where they DO smoke weed, and may pimp girls on a small-time basis, and they may get away with it for a while because the police are so overwhelmed with bigger crimes (murders, kidnappings/missing people, etc.) to spend time on that on a regular basis. But lots of things that aren't strongly enforced "in the hood" will get cracked down on QUICK in suburbia.

    And people from ghetto cultures think that "respect" comes from defying the law and collecting "stuff" that they couldn't afford in the ghetto, so it's no surprise that rap songs are full of that stuff, but as I pointed out earlier, most of it is fake, and just used to create an "image" of success.

    Only a fool would take what he sees and hears in the media at face value, because so much of what you see is fake. You only see and hear what they want you to see and hear.

  • Walk up to a cop with a bag full of'll find out quickly if it's illegal or not

  • Yep. Weed's still illeagal in most places. Same with prostitution. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure when people rap about "hoes" they're referring to any woman--not just one who you pay cash to have sex with. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's exactly NOT what they're rapping about. After all, it wouldn't make you seem like a studly, manly man if you had to pay a girl to get close to your d!ck. Definitely not the image a rap star wants to cultivate.

  • Oh and weed isn't addictive it jut doesn't have the properties

  • Medicinal is legal in a couple of states, and the rappers don't smoke weed they smoke joint kl rolled tobacco, if they smoked weed on their MV they would be arrested in a heartbeat, I live in Chicago and here it was recently decriminalized which means 250 dollar fine if you have under ten G's, if you have like an O Or a dub in small baggies you'll still go to jail.

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