Guys: What intimidates men?

I know that sometimes men get intimidated by women and can't get the nerve to ask her out or something, but what is all that scary? The worst she could do is say no, so what intimidates you guys? Why do we intimidate you? Or do we not intimidate you? Why? I want to hear both sides of the story.


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  • I'm going to answer the question title first:

    "Guys: What intimidates men?"

    Answer: Angry Bears. They can fold us in half with a bat of one paw. Very intimidating.

    Now I'll answer the rest:

    I'm with you on this 100%. I think this applies to both sexes. What's the worst thing that can happen? You get turned down? Oh no! Now you're... STILL SINGLE!

    Unfortunately most people are afraid of being rejected and that keeps them alone and miserable for long stretches of time.


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  • nothing anymore. sometimes now I just size her up and not bother. not intimidation. just a why expend the energy and time on rejection. better spent on a higher success potential. so not intimidation. just risk management.

  • women don't intimidate me...ANGRY women when screaming intimidate me.

    Oh...and bears. I heard those are quite scary as well.

  • The worst she can do is just stop talking to you and ignore you all together actually if you were best friends, you don't get intimidated asking out a guy? If you're in high school for one everyone would know about it, if not then it's just the awkward rejection.

    It may be irrational but most people will be somewhat nervous asking out someone you don't know at the beach etc.

  • Because they are unpredictable opinionated people

  • They don't never held back from approaching anyone

  • They f***ing b*tchy...and a guy approaches a gal..she doesn't just say "no" she is a total b*tch about it...and he goes and tells all his friends...but who would want to date a b*tchy woman anyway? Hey grandsons...#1 rule..always avoid females who are high-strung & can change from being very hell forever...):

    • That's really sad hahaha but I don't thing you should stereotype all women like that, I for one am very appreciative when I guy says something or asks me out. Everyone is diffrent if a women acts like that to you then she clearly isn't for you and you should just brush it off and be glad you arnt with that high strung woman

    • You did not ask about "all" women..yous asked what intimidates males...I did not mean to infer that all women are like point of fact..I know that they are not... link

  • I don't think its intimidating, it just the fear of embarrassment. Having someone look at you and reject you is scary. It would just be really embarrassing to know that she found you unattractive. It wouldn't be so bad, but all of this would go through your mind will she is looking into your eyes. Its just a hellish experience.

  • It's a lot of things. I don't fear rejection.

    If anything I'm used to it. But it's hard to some up all the things that make it difficult to make a move on women. It's mostly just insecurity reasons. (I don't look handsome enough/I'm not good enough)

    I really don't like walking up to women. I feel like a creep whenever I attempt to hit on a girl. lol

  • If a girl is so hot, like super model hot, I won't talk to her at all because I know like 10,000 other guys are after her and she has probably already had 10 or more boyfriends so I'm sure there's at least one out of them I can't compare to so yeah... That's the honest truth...


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