Guys, why do you whistle?

When you see hot chicks, do you whistle? Because I was standing with my crush in the hallway and we saw two sexy girls playing basketball like a fool. We knew them and he was friends with them it seems and then he start to whistle, quite loudly and annoying. But it seems he like me too, so do you guys whistle to ladies who are hot but you hold no feelings to them? Like just joking?


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  • Only if I'm with a group of guys. Whistling is an attention grabber not really suited to gain someones affection. It normally makes girls think of you as a pig but it does make them feel good to know someone thought they were hot.

    So yes... we guys don't whistle at girls when we want more from them then just a glance. It's obnoxious and we know it. haha

    • It's really annoying. I'm just afraid he's interested in the girls...maybe not

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  • i whistle only while watching a gr8 film with cool action sequences

  • maybe interested .. maybe just having fun .. but for sure that was disrespectful to you .. you never do such thing while with a girl .. oh your under 18 probably your crush is immature

    • I don't feel happy but he seem shy and stopped when I left

  • When a guy whistles like that, he's letting them know that they look hot.

    There don't have to be any feelings involved. In any case, it sounds like he was just joking with them.

  • They don't have the balls to approach - this is the biggest that they can manage to do


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