What do you think about yoga pants?

Do guys like when girls wear yoga pant. and is it okay if your panty line shows?


Most Helpful Guy

  • yoga pants are good. but underwear that even has the capability to show panty lines, no good. you should be thonging it regardless of the pants you're wearing, if you're concerned about what guys think. most guys I know like thongs. a few like the boy shorts, but that's too much material for me. but as a general rule, the less fabric, the better. full-backed underwear is no dice in any situation. when my girlfriend is wearing a sundress, or some other light fabric, and I hug her and can feel the outline of her thong outside her clothes...makes my pants shorter every time, lol. sorry to go off on that tangent, but it's a major part of my opinion. but yoga pants on their own usually look hot, to answer your direct question.