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What do you think about yoga pants?

Do guys like when girls wear yoga pant. and is it okay if your panty line shows?

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  • yoga pants are good. but underwear that even has the capability to show panty lines, no good. you should be thonging it regardless of the pants you're wearing, if you're concerned about what guys think. most guys I know like thongs. a few like the boy shorts, but that's too much material for me. but as a general rule, the less fabric, the better. full-backed underwear is no dice in any situation. when my girlfriend is wearing a sundress, or some other light fabric, and I hug her and can feel the outline of her thong outside her clothes...makes my pants shorter every time, lol. sorry to go off on that tangent, but it's a major part of my opinion. but yoga pants on their own usually look hot, to answer your direct question.

What Guys Said 15

  • Yoga pants are fine. NO panty lines. I new a girl that wore pantyhose underneath hers. I don't know how hot it was but she didn't like thongs or panty lines.

  • in my mind you might as well not be wearing anything. yoga pants leave little to the imagination

  • They're hot.

  • Yoga pants are good, but girls should know when/how to wear them. And if panty lines are obvious enough to notice that's often times trashy...but if a guy goes out of his way to look and can notice a subtle panty line then that's totally different.

  • Oh my god when I see a women in yoga pants I almost start drooling.No lie and panty line showing I turn mentally challenged at that point.I think they are sexy as hell.that is why I don't do yoga I would seriously hurt myself in the room from looking around.lol

  • Yoga pants are wonderful and panty lines are alright. This is me just looking at a girl.

    Would I go for a girl that does this day in and day out. The answer would be no.

  • trashy if you aren't going to or coming from yoga

  • We don't care about panty lines. Only girls do

  • You won't get any complaints here if you can perfectly fit them haha.

  • i think they look nice when they don't wear them like everyday like some do. I don't think it matter if your panty line shows

  • No panty lines! Either go with thongs or go commando. Few things look better on a girl with a great ass than a tight pair of yoga pants!

  • Wear a thong with yoga pants. VPL is no good. But a visible thong line is hot :)

  • link They are great.

  • link link link They are amazing.

What Girls Said 5

  • Can't answer the first part of your question though I'm sure they don't mind but panty lines are never okay! Just wear a thong.

  • I don't think guys care and if your panty line shows then I'm pretty sure they definitely don't mind that lol

  • always wear a thong with yoga pants. it is just the proper thing to do. no one wants to see panty lines

  • yoga pants are for yoga. only exception is at your own place

  • This question has been asked 838373882891919293 times on here. It's starting to get annoying.

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