How old is too old to live with parents?

I will award best answer. And by the way, this doesn't include a case where maybe you are going through financial difficulty and need to move with your parents for a temporary period of time. I mean when should you start looking for your own place (or room mates)?

  • Early 20's
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  • Mid 20's
    16% (3)35% (7)26% (10)Vote
  • Late 20's
    37% (7)25% (5)31% (12)Vote
  • Early 30's
    26% (5)30% (6)28% (11)Vote
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By the way, I'm 21 and in college (but I started a year ago, so I'm behind).

My personal view on this topic:

Any age is fine to live with your parents, as long as you are CONTRIBUTING.

As long as you pay your share of the bills, do your share of the housework, and give more to them than they give to you, than that's fine.

But if you are just sitting around and playing Xbox, no, not at all.

Basically, I'm saying that being co-dependent is just as okay as being independent, as long as you aren't dependent at a late age.


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  • Be out of your parents' home within a year after you finish grad school. You get a year to live with the excuse "I just graduated, am looking for my first place and am struggling with my educational loans." Then people expect you to either have your own place or have a bunch of crazy roommate stories...

    • Yeah, grad school is about age 24.

    • So 25's the cut-off.

    • Having lived well past my 20s and seeing the people who stayed with their folks vs the ones who branched out, I can tell you that even if you're contributing, it looks weird, especially for a guy. The only exception is if your parents are old and ill and you're living with them for reasons of elderly care or having them move in with you...

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  • C. People have adopted a second adolescence in the latest generation (Y?), combined with the down economy eliminating post-graduation jobs. If you work part-time hourly retail, you can't afford rent and food. Not to forget the number of graduates returning to school for a more useful degree. How can you pay for rent and classes? Not easy.

    • Exactly. This recession has changed a lot.

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    • i'm 21 in college. and to be honest, and I'll be getting my Bachelor degree in 3 years (so I'm 2 years behind). And I might want to go to grad school. I feel behind, and I would hate to be 26 and still living with my parents.

    • Oh, OK. Well I'm almost 25 and I still live at home. It sucks, but those are my circumstances. There aren't any good prospects for a relationship around, which is good because there would be nowhere to fool around.

  • I think 21 you should be well on your way out the door and support yourself . Unless your in school then your education should be your main focus so maybe once you graduate.

  • I think if you live with your parents until you finish school is perfectly fine and maybe a couple years after so you can get settled in job and can finance such a move. Any older and I believe its too old.

  • @update. I'm glad this works for u. within a year I plan to be OUT. hopefully. also think it depends on how cool your parents r.

  • id say early 20s. soon as possible becasue I'm 24 and a typical 16 year old has more freedom than I do

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  • I don't think its an age, but a point in your life.

    If you graduate high school or get your GED at age 18, then don't do any other schooling, then maybe for you 20-22 is a bit old to still be relying on mom and dad.

    But then, if you go to college, and get out 22-23, then it would be totally fine to stay a year or two to get your life in order before heading out.

    What if your parents own a farm, or some other business that requires you to live close by (horse-care, hotel, etc) then maybe living there for several years getting to know the business would be totally fine! What if your parent is sick and needs help? What if you are sick and need help? (Long term illnesses or loss of limb or something)

    The point is, its a grey area. Its sad we look down on people who live with their parents, because we don't know their story. If we were to look down on someone, it should be someone who is refusing to grow up, and refusing to become responsible for their life.