Why do people disrespect the President so much?

Whether you like or dislike President Obama and his policies, he is the President of the United States. Show some respect!


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  • I bet you weren't saying that when Bush was in office.

    • You hate Bush. We get it. But guess what, he's been out of office 4 years now. Are you going to continue to blame him forever? Jesus Christ.

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    • I didn't say I hated Bush, and I was seven when he took office.

    • Regardless of how much someone hates or loves a President, the shoe thing was uncalled for.

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  • Although I agree, I didn't respect Bush or his policies so I can't be a hypocrite and say pple should respect this president.

  • cause he is just a norma person and we all get disrespected once in a while, its no big deal its just the world we live in.

  • Most people don't even respect themselves. How can we expect them to respect someone else.

  • I'm fairly non-partisan and I wish Americans could focus on sticking together sometimes (despite differences in opinions) instead of constantly trying to divide ourselves. The media doesn't help, though. There seems to be no non-biased form of news in America.

  • I agree! The debate yesterday Romney was overly aggressive and disrespectful. I do not agree with Romney on Women Rights so I am voting for Obama and the 47percent! People think they are not apart of that 47percent. Romney is going to turn into another Bush. Bush had Republicans turning Democrat after he went into office...lol..Seriously!

    Some people do not realize that Obama has tried to do all lot but Republicans have the house of representatives and Obama can not do much if they are blocking it.

    Over all, I think each President get disrespected no matter what their beliefs are. I think people she vote wisely, because your daughters and sisters rights are going to be affected. Its just not about the MONEY!


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  • The higher level position you have, the more criticism you will endure, because your decision affect more people.

    It's quite easy to assume that the President of the United States of America, is one of the most influential positions in the world.

    So criticism is inevitable.

  • Both sides are guilty of this. People show just as much disrespect towards Romney. I mean, I agree with you, I'm just saying it does go both ways.

  • Just look at him. He's all black and everything. That obviously means he isn't even an American. Probably born in Kenya. Which further means that everything he does must be an attempt to destroy America. Everything. He. Does. No exceptions.

    If you watch Fox news or listen to Rush Limbaugh for ten minutes, you should be able to understand how frothing racists can easily soak that crap up and take it seriously.

  • Why? He is no greater a person than you or me.

  • he doesn't deserve respect.

    someone who's flipping burgers at McDonald's contributes more to society than him.

    and he can't even talk without a teleprompter.

  • because he doesn't like America he is throwing the country down the crapper by that I mean he put us 16 trillion in debt, gases prices are up unemployment is getting worse. More people are on food stamps then the last 5 presidents put together

  • well, Americans are f***ing idiots ... they are arrogant, ignorant and pampered so they have unwarranted self opinions when the reality is they are much stupider than citizens in other industrialized countries. That's why politicians can sway them over using juvenile tactics and it actually(and depressingly) works.

    Thats why they will hate on obama and not know anything about what he has and hasn't done, rather they listened to another idiot somewhere and just fiercly regurgitate an opinion that they have no clue about

  • Lmao he is the President of the USA... You think disrespect doesn't come with the job? He is the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

    + He hates America and he will leak secret into to make the terrorist job easier.

    Romney actually has a back bone.

  • Sorry. I can't find any way to respect the man. Constant series of lies and class warfare. He has no interest in bettering us. 4 years of what? He can't run on his record.

    • Nice anonymous question lol

  • because they don't know much

  • Because some people are angry scumbags

  • He's still a human like you and me. I respect people for their actions, not their positions.

    What you're referring to is being a sheep following blindly. No thanks.

  • We have the right to free speech, if I don't like him I have the right to say that, respect needs to be earned and he has yet to earn mine.

  • Would you be saying this during the last presidency? Bush got it worse. He was hammered hard and still is sometimes.

    If Romney somehow won, would you be saying it then too?

  • He extended his hand to me and I looked the other way. I will in no way support someone who takes away from America as opposed to bringing us up to where we should be. Things need to change and Obama does not have my vote.

    • Why is Bush still being brought up 4 years later!? F***.

    • Because he was a horrible president and caused.alot of sh*t that we are suffering for now. I'm not going.to say I hate president bush because hate is a strong word but will say i.dislike a lot of his choices he's made in the past. Sooner the peopl understand President Obama is not God they will start to.see everything doest happen over night It takes time and one thing Americans don't have is patientence and we can be selfish go live in a third world country.and see.how bad we go it