Problem with deleting Google+ account - need help!

So I have deleted an old Google+ account. but the problem is, if I type in my name in the Google search bar, there is still the deleted account in the search results.

When I click on it the site doesn't work, cause the link doesn't exist. Bt what can I do so that my profile picture's thumbnail and my name don't appear in the search results anymore?

Please help!


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    It will be gone soon. It has to with when they crawl the web. A few times and poof it will go away.

  • The Government and Google are like buddies. So you're on file foreverrrrrrrr

  • That's just how Google works, they don't immediately delete broken links that the engine finds. It will be completely gone soon.

    • Thanks anyway!

    • That I have no clue, sorry.

    • Oh really? That's great, but do you have any idea about how soon (approximately)?