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What should I do when a guy doesn't keep his promises most of the time?

My boyfriend and I just got a fight and it's always for the same reason. He doesn't keep his promises most of the time. He would always let me expect... Show More

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  • He said he will see you but you didn't reply at all because you were still sulking because of the previous fight.

    Believe it or not but he "got the message" and thought - "f*** it", if you're mad at him then it's better for you not to see each other then.

    If you expect the other person to be mature and clear then you should also be mature and clear, isn't that right?

    • He did not say that he would see me. He was apologizing to me regarding our fight. I liked your answer for your opinion about maturity in handling fights. KUDOS!

What Girls Said 1

  • Oh no, time to let go honey. I don't mean let go of the relationship, let go of expectations. The only expectation you should care about is how to make yourself happy before some guy who can't make up his mind can. He might be dealing with his own issues , so talk it out (no yelling) and if that doesn't work or he refuses to act like an adult.. Cut him ! (Loose that is)

    • How can I stop expecting? I think it's part of any relationship. I just want him to tell me atleast, if he can't make it. I would understand that eventually, rather than making me feel stupid. Expecting and hoping that he would come, but it was too late when he told me.

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    • Thanks for your advice. I just don't know what to feel now. I feel like, I am not important when he keeps on doing that. All I want is someone who can communicate things with me in a good way. I am not very hard to please. He would say that too. But after what happened, I feel so hurt. I feel hurt of what I've said to him too, but it's too late for me to take it back. He's not mad, you know! He said, we would talk. It's just that I don't understand what I am going to feel now.

    • Do you mean to say, when he says he would do something, I should not believe him? I think that's when expectations stop.

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