Today is my birthday. What should I do?

I seriously hadn't made much plans lol. I tend to let my birthdays just come and go with limited to no fanfare. Today though, I do feel like doing a little something something, but I'm low on id love to hear what you guys have got. Do note, I also have the ability to recruit a few friends at will so...i won't be alone for whatever I decide to do


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  • Gra some friends and go and do whatever you like! Its your birthday so you call the shots!

    relax in a bar with a few beers... Don't want beer? Fine! Want to go wach a movie?

    Go to a strip club? Play some snooker... go dancing to a night club... get pizza and watch tv...

    10 pin bowling... Casino... get really really drunk and see what happens...

    On your birthday you are king you call the shots and its a good excuse to do whatever you want and good freinds will follow because they want you to enjoy it...

    Over here in uk a lot of us and I activly encourage people to make thier birthday last two weeks!

    So you can have chilled nights and hectic random nights! You can do what ever you want for 2 weeks as it is your birthday. Endless excuse for an awfull lot of things!

    Most importantly what ever you choose relax and have some fun! I'ts your celebration of surviing another year! Woooo!


    • Now how awesome would that be! A two week long birthday lol. Ill have to consider this

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    • i liked the idea of a 2 week long party. best answer ^^

    • Thanks! :) I hope you have enjoyed it! (you still have 2 days left!) hehe

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  • Happy birthday. ^_^

    Make a party?

    Make some pranks (that's what my friends do in my birthday). -_-"

    Go somewhere you like and invite your friends or your family.

    • Thanks =) Will probably go to a restaurant or something!

  • Dude! It's your birthday! Live it up! Allow yourself to do things you normally don't. For me, I pig out and throw my own bonfire (I never throw my own bonfires!) But since your in Toronto Canada, I doubt you can have a good old Golden Coast style bonfire...

    Get something special. A haircut, new clothes, your favorite food. But most of all, hang out with friends who make you feel good about yourself! Not the downers or self-obessesed drama freaks!

  • Smoke weed your in Canada and your black.

  • Happy Birthday! go to the casino. :)

    • So I can gamble the $20 to my name away =P

    • lol sure why not ;)

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  • I usually just get drunk and take advantage of myself.

  • Happy birthday!

    What do you like to do?

    What WOULD you like to do? (keep it clean! lol).

    • well my birthday ends in 10 minutes so =P

  • Do whatever you want.

  • Happy f-in' birthday man. You should do whatever you like. If you have great friends, go out with them & have some drinks & good times.

  • promise yourself that the next birthday won't be spent asking THIS question on this site.

    happy birthday man

  • Happy birthday man. Id recommend getting some friends together and going to a nice restaurant, somewhere you wouldn't normally go. After that, head to a small bar for a few drink. Just relax and catch up with a couple good friends. That's how I'd spend my birthday.

    • Yeah that sounds like my kind of day! and thanks!