Getting smoke out of cars?

Does anyone know any way to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a car permanently?

I left my truck at home when I went to college because my dad's finally died and he needed something to drive. My one condition was that he was not to smoke in it. But he did smoke in it and now he either needs to get the smell out before I come home for Thanksgiving or buy me a new truck.

Why such the big deal you ask? Well, I am extremely sensitive to smoke. I can smell cigarette smoke on you a week after you've smoked one. And the scent makes me throw up. I can hardly stand to go to bon fires because of it.

I can't very well go home and be expected to drive a car that smells like a cigarette if two minutes into the trip I'm pulled over puking my guts out, now can I?

So, since it really is a nice truck ('04 F150 V8 engine) and I love it to death 'cause it's my baby, I'd like to get the smell out of it. I don't really want a new car, but I need one I can drive. So any suggestions?


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  • You can try using lots of febreeze and closing the door for a while, then let it air out. Or use incense that you like the smell of, it's still smoke but smells better. The only other way I can think of is a good cleaning and using some baking soda on the seats and rug then vacuuming it after it settles for a while... I smoke and my ex hated the smell, and these worked for me when it got too bad, and I smoked a lot when driving.


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  • Take it to a good car detailer to have the upholstery cleaned. Usually they have access to very effective shampoos and cleaners that basic consumers aren't aware of.

  • I'd say change the upholstery, I mean EVERYTHING inside the car that's fabric. A tad expensive but will do the trick apart from making it smell great :)

  • Options :

    - Wear a gasmask.

    - Install the wheel and the drivers' seat on the roof. This will give you a 1860's coach feeling.

    - Have the interior cleaned thoroughly at a car shop.

  • Various methods are available link


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