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Getting smoke out of cars?

Does anyone know any way to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of a car permanently? I left my truck at home when I went to college because my... Show More

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  • You can try using lots of febreeze and closing the door for a while, then let it air out. Or use incense that you like the smell of, it's still smoke but smells better. The only other way I can think of is a good cleaning and using some baking soda on the seats and rug then vacuuming it after it settles for a while... I smoke and my ex hated the smell, and these worked for me when it got too bad, and I smoked a lot when driving.

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  • I'd say change the upholstery, I mean EVERYTHING inside the car that's fabric. A tad expensive but will do the trick apart from making it smell great :)

  • Take it to a good car detailer to have the upholstery cleaned. Usually they have access to very effective shampoos and cleaners that basic consumers aren't aware of.

  • Options :

    - Wear a gasmask.

    - Install the wheel and the drivers' seat on the roof. This will give you a 1860's coach feeling.

    - Have the interior cleaned thoroughly at a car shop.

  • Various methods are available link

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