What is the top 10 signs you have met a guy who truly likes you?

I always seem to fall for the bad guys the jerks you name it. So I was wondering what are some key ways that you can tell this guy is the real deal? Guys is there anything you do to show a girl your really into her. Like something you do only for the "it" girl. Lately guys tell me they like me however when things get serious they say they just wanna be friends. So I wanna be able to tell how serious this guy is about dating before I fall for him. I wanna know the signs of a true relationship forming...like what to look for to know he is serious about me? any help is much appreciated thanks!


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  • guys don't really like to talk much to girls they don't like. if we start talking to you alot...there must be a reason.

    we try to get closer. and the regular flirting stuff.

    but to kno if a guy actually likes you try to do things like not ware make up. get a hair cut. nails done. something to see if the notice minor details of yourself. you could even ware some sweats..with your hair up. and if they still seam interested then they must like you for more than looks.


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  • he will trust you and won't be afraid of what people thinks bout u..just love you for who you are :-)

  • He'll call you when he says he will