How should I approach my boyfriend on having him help with our baby at night?

Well I'm up with my baby right now Makayla who refuses to fall asleep! Lol so little bored abs just wanted to ask for your opinions on the matter. Well my baby girl is 5 weeks and ever since she got home I've been up everynight with her, now I love her of course but I would like some help and well... Show More

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  • He sounds like a irresponsible father. And a jackass. He should be proud to have brought a child into the world. Shit if your baby is sick you should have some remorse when it wakes up in pain not criticize it. That just shows he's not a man but a little boy. Both you and your daughter deserve to be treated better than that. And your boyfriend must be stupid complaining that his baby cries too much. That's what they do, more so when in pain. You should tell him straight up that your tired and your the one who just carried a child for 9 month, that your exhausted and need help. That he should take some responsibility in raising the child. If he decides to be a jackass then try to leave him if you can. I know that's hard with a baby, so maybe not right away but when you become stable enough to. You sound like a great mother and seeing your pic your very beautiful and I'm sure your daughter Makayla will grow up to be just as her mother. Your boyfriend should be proud to have found you and treat you like a queen. And Makayla as a princess, beautiful name by the way. I hope things get better for you and your boyfriend pulls his head out of his ass. I for one would love to find someone like you to mother my child. So again hope you and Makayla take care and that she gets better.

    • This answer made me smile after rough night I had and you are such a sweetheart :) And I agree on him being a little boy not a man and the jackAss part hehe =P babies cry that's what I told him and more when they're in Pain! Exactly what I said! he just doesn't seem to care much! And I want Makayla to have her father in her life as I'm sure a lot of mothers do but not if he isn't going to step up and be one. You're right tho I do deserve better and does my little girl.

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    • I like that, shows you are a good person. And I made a new face book but couldn't see much unless you friend me. I sent a request, should be from Chad. My computer wouldn't load twitter for some reason.And would be glad to have you be my first fb friend, never really used computer for anything but games and research before guysaskgirls lol

    • I love this answer.