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Have any of they been trap?

Have any of you been trap in a situation and there is no way out, and the the need to escape to just pick and disappear every entered your mind?

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  • Just keep your head up. I know things can be hard but all we can do is be strong and try until things get better. I'm in a similar situation right now. I try to listen to music and think of the good things that have happened. Then I tell myself see things will get better, even if the things I think of are small. I'll put down some insprerational songs that make me feel better or at least want to be strong and get through it. What I said probably doesn't help much. But I hope things get better for you and you find a brighter day through all the dark ones.Tupac- keep ya head upRodney Atkins- if your going through hellLynyrd Skynyrd- free birdAerosmith- dream onCraig Morgan- ordinary angelsDyme def- let it beEverlast- lonely roadFort minor- right nowYael Naim- new soulBuffalo Springfield- for what it's worth

    • Thanks Dude.

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    • I have decided to give this situation one year then I am gone. I am selling the house, and I will travel. My occupation allows me to that, travel. I not a young pup like you, but I am very young at heart. More so than most people at any age. I do love to play. Thanks again.

    • Good for you. Hope you end up having a blast on your travels, and take care until then.

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  • just pull through. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. oh and yeah

    • There is no out.

  • i was in a situation where I only had bad options... so I was forced to choose the best of the bad.

    • There are no good options.

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