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Should I tell the guy I like about the other guy at my school who don't mean anything?

So there's a guy that I really like & we have dated before now we are just friends but I still do like him(: he does make time for me but I don't... Show More

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  • You shouldn't tell him about anything unless things get official.

    Keep messing around with this guy friend but let him know that it will be nothing more.

    If he is clear about what you want, then there will be no confusion or mixed signs.

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  • not to make him jealous. I don't think your other friend likes you, and don't lead the other guys you're hooking up with on.

  • So you fooling around with another guy, and you're considering telling a guy you actually want a chance with that you screw around with other guys that really don't mean anything to you. How exactly is this a good idea? My reaction to that would be, OK cool have fun. You have zero chance now and basically look like a booty call that likes to play games. I don't see any positive to this at all...

    • *you're

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