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Which series are you watching/flowing at the moment?

Is it just me or there's somebody else watching more than 2/3 series at the moment? Mines are: - Dexter - The vampire diaries - Grimm - The... Show More

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What Guys Said 7

  • I like watching the Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly. I watch the Walking Dead too, but I'm not diehard fan of the series. I also started watching a British show called Him and Her. I like British humor sometimes.

  • 30 Rock

  • None... When The walking dead season 3 hits Netflix next year I'll watch it.

  • big bang theory how I met your mother and the teenage mutant ninja turtles :P

  • Currently:


    The Walking Dead

    Comic Book Men



    (Was watching revolution but it was a mediocre show so I stopped watching it when bones took the month break)

    Not on at the moment:



  • I don't watch many series. I watch Big Bang Theory, the older version of Two and a Half Men, Seinfeld, nature stuff, Law and Order, Hoarders, Locked Up, Imntervention and a few other shows. I hate most tv

What Girls Said 6

  • The walking dead!

  • For awhile there I was watching DWTS,The Voice,Americas got talent..but haven't watched lately.

  • The Walking Dead

  • Okay All Of Mines Are:


    The New Normal

    Law & Order: SVU

    Ink Master

    Tamar & Vince


    Bad Girls Club

    Pretty Little Liars

    Switched At Birth


    That's Sh*t I Like I Don't Like a Lot Of What Other People Like So If You DON'T Like What I Like Feel Free NOT To Say Sh*t About It.


  • The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. There is also Game of Thrones but it is on hiatus right now.

  • Currently I am in college without a T.V.

    So, I spend my time on Youtube watching, what else but Recess, Pepper Ann, Hey Arnold, The Wild Thornberrys and, when I'm feeling like I need a switch up, I throw a few Jenna Marbles clips in there.

    I love my life.

    • lol

      you can always try to watch so series online ;)

    • Naw, I like my cartoons from the '90s just fine.

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