Why would random girls want to take pictures with me?

So I was at the pub last night sitting down and these 2 girls came over and took a couple of pictures with me. They didn't even say anything


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  • They wanted to look like they were important and popular on Facebook/twitter/instagram. It is called attention whoring instead of actually you know, making conversation?


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  • You are attractive, that is why.

    I've seen this done with a regular guy who was doing a dance performance near the subway in NY.

    When he finished a random girl came up to him like he was a celebrity,

    and took a photo with him. At least they asked.

  • Who knows...people are weird sometimes. At least it wasn't a creepy older man asking to take a pic of you and your friends (not him in it, but just of the group of friends). Probably just wanted to make it look like they were with a hunk, idk

  • sounds like drunk and having a good time. just roll with it.

    usually why I take pics with my friends some random guy will jump in. now that's annoying

    • When I have been the guy that has done it, I have made some pretty cool friends. It is all in attitude.

  • maybe you look like a model

    and they wanted to see how it is

    to take a picture with one . . :P


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  • I just want to add, that if a guy tried to do this with a girl, he would get a switch kick to the balls. Girls get away with highway robbery and while men walk on egg shells.

    • No. I have had it done to me, and done it myself all in random fun. A lot of it has to do with the attitude.

  • Haha they didn't say anything whatsoever like mutes?

    Maybe they thought you were someone famous because you look like someone famous or maybe they thought you just looked like someone famous so much that you were like an 'awesome celeb lookalike'.

    Just my speculation.

  • It's either really good or really bad lol:

    1 - you're really hot and they were like "picture with the hot guy yay"

    2 - you're really weird/ugly and they were like "picture with the weird/ugly guy yay"

  • To have sex with me.

  • Had a chick do that once. It was part of her scavenger hunt of things she had to do for her bachelorette party. The other things on the list were tame, too.

  • probably you look like the sasquatch so they wanted to show it to everybody to prove that it excists.

  • either they found you attractive or they were drunk

  • There is a number of reasons

    New camera

    Wanted loads of pictures

    You were f*** ugly

    You were cute/handsum

    They were showing off to each other

    How pld were these girls?

  • what country were you in? what race are you?

  • Probably thought you were hot and are gonna show those pictures to their friends and say they banged you

    • What he said, minus the banging part. Hahahaha.

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    • Yeah I know lol. I didn't reall mean the banging part

    • Oh Stacy, I'm sure if you got together with like... A celeb you and all your girlfriends loved you'd be bragging to your friends