What motivates guys to do coed cheerleading?

Are they just attracted to the female cheerleaders? A female cheerleader once said this wasn't the case. She mentioned that because cheerleading takes a lot of time, effort and skill, just doing it for the girls wouldn't be worth it.

Do you think the guys really do want to cheer for the sake of cheering?


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  • I couldn't imagine myself doing cheerleading for anything other than getting close to the girls.

    • Thanks for BA.

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  • Could it be that a guy could actually like it?

  • well,there are all male cheer leading groups,so there must be some guys in coed groups that do it for the cheering.

    • o.O I didn't know that [looks it up] o.O I didn't know cheerleading originated as an all male sport! o.O

  • The only male cheerleaders I've ever met have been gay, but maybe some do it for the girls. Who knows?


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  • cheerleading was originally only for men. women were second and now that its been over feminized, men are too afraid to do it because of their sexuality being questioned...male bases are probably better than women bases because they're stronger etc..that's why some squads use men as well. george bush was a cheerleader.

    im guessing you're watching fired up right now?

  • I think they just want to be around the girls

    plus guys are typically the Bases... enough said lol

  • I think that guys don't wanna do it just so that their sexuality isn't questioned

  • Most guys I know that coed-cheerlead act and come off as straight, however, this one guy who comes off as straight and acts straight... and is also in control of the signups told me I should join... I was dating the girl he is partnered with during cheering. I told him I wasn't going to, and I find out later when I get a call from the coach that my name was on the sign-up list. He admitted to it later, so either he's gay or was f***ing with me...

    So, I at first thought... maybe some guys just actually like cheering, but after that incident, I can't be so sure about that.

  • they like looking up their skirts lol jk. I'm sure they just enjoy being friends with girls and like cheering

  • Same reasons some guys do nursing?

  • Got me? I'd think a lot of them are gay, or pretending to be gay to get near the girls and then discover their "bisexuality".