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I just wrote a song, what do you think? :)

My English not so good, and I know my voice sucks. :) So I just tried to write something for my ex, I know most of you guys will find this funny but... Show More

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  • you have an excellent sense. I kept trying to stop listening & I kept having to FLIP BACK to it because of some vocal flourish, etc -- did you write this melody? I think you have a 'great sense' =) you're in my band now, we'll be called The Planets. I get the asteroid belt =P =) sing! lol *wails a guitar* =)

    • Do you really think that it was good? :)

    • And yes the melody belongs mine of course :) I just want to know what you think about the lyrics

    • i really do =) I would be totally willing-&-under-your-spell if you wrote this for me =) the lyrics are hard to make out, but I am totally seduced. =) x you're f***ing hot too lol. YOU'RE IN MY BAND, lolol. i'll be the Crazy Czech & you can be the Looker From Turkey (if you are (from Turkey)). I got the balls & you got the good looks ;)seriously! I had not looked at your other videos - you are gorgeous AND musically genius. this ex must have socks in his pants lololol - you're gorgeous - !

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  • Well...I wouldn't quit your current job just yet. You do have a pretty voice, just not a singing one - yet. The video itself was good, and if the girl in the other videos is you, at least you'll do good in music videos.Don't hate me too much.

    • I don't know which girl you're talking about but that's my first video about music. :)

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    • Thank you, I'd love to be a good singer :) but I really don't think I have a good voice... I just wrote that 2 hours ago and wanted to sing and share with you :)

    • aww thanks. It''s all part of the experience meeting new people around the world. :D

  • I think it's cute :) I would be extremely flattered

  • You sound really shy

What Girls Said 1

  • I couldn't really understand the lyrics but aside from that, your voice sounds really good with the motion pictures. Pretty.

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