What's the riskiest thing you've ever done as a teen?

Was it something that could potentially injure you or worse, end your life?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ironically, while being a daredevil kid and now am an adult who has a potentially deadly hobby, I was pretty boring as a teen. As a teen, I actually played it pretty safe, didn't do much all that dangerous. It's weird, the teen years for most are the riskiest years of one's life, but for me, from my preteens through my mid-20s, I mostly played it safe but was a daredevil as a kid and now have a hobby microwaving dangerous stuff such as spray paint (here's the video of it). link

    When I was a teen, probably the most dangerous things I did were be out during hours of the night it wasn't safe to be out or possibly that time I had 32 shots of alcohol (I drank heavily at times, but always at home to eliminate the risk of doing stupid things), maybe some of the weight workouts I did. Oh, and after having oral surgery when I was 18, I saved the vicodin I was prescribed, sucked it up with tylenol and advil, then later used the vicodin recreationally.