What's the riskiest thing you've ever done as a teen?

Was it something that could potentially injure you or worse, end your life?


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  • Ironically, while being a daredevil kid and now am an adult who has a potentially deadly hobby, I was pretty boring as a teen. As a teen, I actually played it pretty safe, didn't do much all that dangerous. It's weird, the teen years for most are the riskiest years of one's life, but for me, from my preteens through my mid-20s, I mostly played it safe but was a daredevil as a kid and now have a hobby microwaving dangerous stuff such as spray paint (here's the video of it). link

    When I was a teen, probably the most dangerous things I did were be out during hours of the night it wasn't safe to be out or possibly that time I had 32 shots of alcohol (I drank heavily at times, but always at home to eliminate the risk of doing stupid things), maybe some of the weight workouts I did. Oh, and after having oral surgery when I was 18, I saved the vicodin I was prescribed, sucked it up with tylenol and advil, then later used the vicodin recreationally.


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  • Seeking some blonds for bjs and sex, and skipping class.

  • drank



    shop lifted

    forged my parents and teachers' signature

    had sex


  • gave myself a tattoo with an unsterilized safety pin... that was pretty stupid. cut my wrist once upon a time, too.

    • and my friend and I broke into a half-built house once

  • When I was 16 and visiting Seoul, I was told about this dish and to try it.

    It's called Sannakji (live baby octopus)

    I was also told not to try and swallow without chewing all the contents. Thought I was brave & after 5 minutes of chewing I got tired and decided to swallow the rest. Choked halfway through but a coughed really hard and it came out. My mother told me that's how people die.

  • Broke into a house. Unprotected sex with a stranger.


  • Fasted for four months.

  • Well for one, I got my driver's license like a day after I turned 16. I did not deserve it. And then my parents gave me a car when I started senior year and I almost died numerous times driving.

    I also climbed the cafeteria of my high school with some friends to put a giant paper mache garden gnome on the roof for senior prank.

  • It was raining. We broke into an abandoned house on the hill. Found a metal golf club. We left with it. Lightening. Golf club. Lightening. Yeah, this was just last week and I'm still 16. Imagine my senior prank! (It's gonna rock their world!)

  • Reading this makes my life seem so boring. I've got nothing to report here. I stole some things as a dare once, not sure if that counts.

  • Speed , MDMA and cocaine lmao I was crazy

  • Wow you really made me think, and I haven't done anything risky (injury or life threatening)

    I'm definitely am going to see what (stupid risky) thing I should do before I am no longer a teen :D

    Maybe skydiving or parachuting :)

  • Wow, what didn't I do! Lol

    -Took lifts with strangers

    -Sneaked out in the middle of the night a lot

    -Got in the car knowing the driver didn't have a license many times

    -Being a passanger in cars which were drag racing many times

    -Tried various drugs

    -Got drunk

  • Letting this guy drive us home when he was extremely drunk and high at the same time.

  • I jumped off a bridge at the river on a dare. I found out later people have been really hurt doing that. It was super crazy fun but never again.


    • I always thought you were crazy :) lol

    • You would think that...winks

  • -Having sex wth strange teenage boys/or older men all because I was pressured into it.

    -Smoking cigarettes

  • Driving after drinking. Terrible idea.


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  • Had contraceptive-less sex many, many times. Luck truly was on my side.

  • 1. Stole a battle tank for a short distance while I was a guest of a friend's father who was at that time a Col in the army :D - 17

    2. Drove off a school bus - 13

    3. Climbed in through the roof of a 7th floor apartment in the night to sleep with my girlfriend - 17

    4. Smoked and drank (if you call it a risk) - no drugs or stuff ever

    5. White water rafting (without knowing to swim lol) - 16

    6. Bashed up 6 guys who were partially armed in a crowded public place who tried to have a go at my girlfriend (and she didn't obviously like it - both their coming onto her and my trashing them up lol) - 18

    7. Madeout with a lady co-pilot of a commercial airliner while the aircraft landed :D - 16

    8. Hunted wild boar with a spear (one of the best things I love doing - still do it if and when I can) :D - this was the 1st time - 15

    9. Drag races - since 14

    10. etc (I have a lengthy list lol)

  • Street racing

  • Juggling fire works

  • I am not sure...there were so many..hitchkiking probably ranks right up there?

  • Russian Roulette. And yeah, I never played again.

  • Mostly really risky driving -- hit triple figures more than once on the highway, with passengers in the car, conducted personal "time trials" to see how fast I could get to regular stops during my daily routine. Also I dated a girl whose lesbian stepmom threatened to kill me when we first met. Tried weed in middle school and drank, but no more than most people.

  • Lots of vandalism, drugs, and just being reckless in general (nothing too different than today though LOL).

  • too many motorcycling incidents to list, drugs and alcohol, and some risky and taboo sexual things

  • Unprotected sex is probably the worst.

  • hmm it was probably not doing my homework

  • absolutely nothing risky lol

  • I can't believe I am still alive with half the stuff I did. Fights, dangerous driving, outrageous stunts and jumps on motorcycles, tons of sex with whatever chicks would f*** me, tons of drugs, drinking, being in bad neighborhoods while being wacked out of my head and many more things.

  • Gave a reach around to a spider monkey...

  • I was very well behaved as a teen. I think speeding might be the riskiest thing I've ever done.

    The riskiest thing period, not including teenage years, would be unprotected sex with a stripper in the club. That one I regret quite a bit, but I was drunk, and so was she, and she just kind of started.

  • Put cucumbers up my butt with no lube (no trolling) it was when I was first became comfortable with who I am and started experimenting. Bled quite a bit. But I healed fine thankfully.