How To Win Over Manipulative Guy?

If a guy is being manipulative into making it looks like you have to come running for him all time, what does it mean? Does he likes me that's why he's doing it? How could I exposed him for doing so? Does it worth it to play his game?


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  • He probably likes you. And it could be many reasons he is doing it. Men are phobic of women controlling and using/playing them or wasting their time. So, a lot of times men want women to chase them. Second, a lot of women subconciously walk away from men who chase them back or tell them that they like them. So, he maybe trying to keep you interested because he likes you. Chase him and see what happens. But, don't get overly involved too quick because it might drive him away or worse, make you vulnerable to being played. So, yes chase him but preceed with caution. Both women and men alike play these games. At the end of the day, these games are just about judging someones interest and trust and honesty.

    • Thank you for your insight :) So if he created a situation whereby by hook or by crook I have to go to him for a solution, is it just shows that he wants to feel like he's dependable or what? and will he like it if I just ask his help like he anticipated?

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    • Be careful with the other guy thing. It can help sometimes but it can really backfire other times. Just happened to me a girl did that and nothing ended up of it because she kept doing that and I didint know what she wanted with me. Jealousy will make some guys try harder and many times too much of it will drive a guy right away, especially if they really like you. Be hard to get as far as chasing someone. Let them come to you sometimes is what I mean by that. But, chase him sometimes too.

    • Thanks for the warning, I don't think I will be doing that again after all, I don't really have any close guy friend after all. I saw his pupils dilated while he talked to me (I read its a dead giveaway sign that he's interested in you) and before we parted ways, he told me he will be outstation next week and looked over his shoulder to give me a wink + nod + damn sweet smile... He's definitely dumb if he can't see I'm so into him :(

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  • It means he's a player.

    If he's a serious player, he has 10 other women on the side.

    • thank you for your warning :) I will keep that in mind... but so far I didn't see him behaving the same around other woman, maybe I am wrong, he seems like he doesn't care much about others. But I will look into it.

    • Well, if he's only doing it to you, and if he's trying to get you to come running to him for non-romantic/non sexual things, that's actually less 'player'. "Players' actually avoid being 'mr reliable' and try to keep themselves as being the fun/cool/lover guy.

      Trying to make himself helpful is more a standard move guys do when they lack confidence and want to get the girl to like/appreciate them. They doubt they can be liked/appreciated for who they are so try to set up reasons to be liked

    • so you are suggesting that he might have interest in me that's why he goes all out in helping me with problems that he somehow manipulated me into right? I met him today, his eyes is grey so normally I could see the pupil like really tiny. But today, when I talked to him, the pupils dilated, I read somewhere that if a guy is interested in you, his pupil will dilated if he saw you (as being excited or happy, not sure which is which).

  • I am not a big fan of those games. I would call him on it.

  • You cannot win over. But you can choose not to play.

  • I don't know the entire situation which would give better incite to what's going on, but I do know manipulative people are users. They will do anything to get what they want without caring about your feelings or well being. Its a selfish and greed act that benefits him. So I say be aware of his motives and don't allow him to feed his selfish ambitions. I would confront him before your in to deep

    • Thank you for your insight :). But what if in our situation, he's more of a giver than taker? I mean all this while it takes me only little effort to ask something from him, and he will do a really good job in no time. Doesn't that show he care? I mean he might be a bit manipulative into trying to make me asking for his help, but he really helps me really well if I asked for it, he really delivers... In this case, he doesn't gained anything apart from time to talk to me.

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  • He's playin a game

    Do you want to deal with that?