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What type of sleeper are you?

I am a stomach sleeper... I kind of look like I am climbing a ladder.


How about you guys?

I also almost always sleep on the side closest to the wall.
Thank you all for your answers <3

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  • I have to be on my back to sleep, maybe because i"m fairly big and heavy and can't breathe well otherwise.

What Guys Said 26

  • I change positions quite frequantly. I usually fall asleep on my right side or my stomach and I lay on my left side for a while, then my back and than my stomach or right side again.

  • Mostly side, but your position is something I do too.

  • Stomach. I hear this is the worst way to sleep though.

  • 1) on my back with my foream occassionally draped over my forehead

    2) on my stomach with my arms under the pillow

    3) on both sides but preferably my right side

    4) legs crossed

    5) legs spread

    6) fetal position

    6) on an angle with one side in contact with the bed and my pillow underneath my chest, both arms under the pillow

  • hmm I wouldn't know as I AM SLEEPING!

  • im a stomach sleeper, except I put one of those long pillows between my legs. can't sleep without my legs feeling comfy haha

  • Usually on my side.

  • A light, restless sleeper.

  • Always on my stomach with one hand over my pillow and one under lol

  • foetus position.

  • I sleep on my back facing upwards.

  • on my back, like this :L


  • I used to sleep on my back with my arms underneath my pillow and my head... but since I broke my shoulder I can't sleep that way anymore and it really bugs me because I've slept that way my whole life.

  • sleep on my stomach with my arms tucked underneath my chest and with my head laying on my right ear.

  • Alone I tend to move around a lot. With a girl I tend to sleep on my side and cuddle.

  • Haha,nice I thought I am the only one,preferring sleeping on my stomach with pillows all around me :D Don't know about you,but I just can't sleep on my back,like most people,i tend to find it rather uncomfortable...

    • I avoid sleeping on my back for a very strange reason. Anytime I have a nightmare, I wake up having slept on my back. I don't know if there is any sort of connection, but tried, tested and true, sleeping on my back usually means I'll have nightmares.

    • Wow,don't know how you spotted that trend,but it seems to me like you will never sleep on your back again :)

  • I'm a side sleep when I'm trying to fall aslep, and in the mornings when I try to sleep a little more, I become a stomach sleeper.

  • same here especially after I had a bad day.

  • Right side, but sometimes I'll go on my stomach with my head turned to the right. Though I won't sleep that way

  • I sleep on my side almost exclusively, unless I wake up a little bit then I'll lay on my stomach

    the pressure feels good with the morning wood :3

    • ha, I appreciate the honesty.

  • theres an article out now that says the way you sleep, defines your personality. so for example, the article says that people who sleep in the fetal position, tend to over think things, and tend to be emotional, but caring.

    i sleep in the fetal position

  • I sleep on my sides or back.

  • I'm a chaotic sleeper, I change positions all the time.

  • I sleep on right side most of the time. If I'm hot I'll roll over to my left side or back.

  • I'm a shoot you in the face if you wake me up type of sleeper.

What Girls Said 21

  • I sleep on my stomach with my arms under my pillow.

  • I sleep on my side.

  • I usually sleep on my stomach, but sometimes I'll sleep on my left side. :)

  • Stomach and side only.

  • On my stomach stretched diagonally across the bed, a cross between the swastika and the crucifix my fiance says. Eventhough I'm only 5'1 I take up 3/4 of the bed, am a light sleeper and a f***ing nightmare to deal with if you wake me. A dream girlfriend really.

  • I am usually a embryo sleeper. Though I have to change position through out the night because of my RLS. Though I usually just change which side I am sleeping.

  • I change positions throughout my sleep... But I usually start sleeping while on the foetus or the freefaller position... Also most of the time I have one or both my arms under the pillow

  • I am a stomach sleeper I can't stand to sleep on my stomach which I had to do while pregnant! But since no longer preggers I can lay on my tummy whenever I want! And I like to sleep closest to the wall to haha.

  • I rotate until I fall asleep; Start lying on left side, then try right, then stomach. Last resort is laying on my back which usually knocks me out and leaves me wondering why I never try to fall asleep that way first!

  • Tummy, back, side, slouched off the bed, legs chucked everywhere, arms 'flying' around. aha!

  • Stomach, with my hands over my head.

  • I start off on the right side of the bed, laid on my right side (so facing out of the bed) and usually my boyfriend will spoon me but after a while I move and lay on my back and then after a few minutes I move again and lay on my left side this time before eventually rolling back round to my starting position! I do this every night. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy.

  • I fling myself all over the mattress. I toss and turn way too much and if I lie still it's usually in fetal position :)

  • Fetal Position

  • I change position all time lol

  • i also sleep on my stomach but I move a lot in my sleep so I rarely wake up on my stomach

  • this question makes me sleepy even more but I must not sleep huhu anyway I sleep on my back, sometimes side! ^-^

  • Always on my side and I almost never move...If I do its just to my other side :)

    Awesome question!

  • I am the type of person who keeps changing positions till I sleep but I mostly sleep in these positions:

    foetus sleep position and in-between my hands a pillow or blanket.

    freefaller position and also I sometimes sleep on my pillow.


    I raely sleep in a starfish position, that is when I am very much happily sleeping really good.

  • I sleep on my left ear, which has resorted in it becoming flat on top. Bad times.

  • If I'm trying to force myself to sleep, I lay on my side.

    If I'm just tired and fall asleep naturally, I'm usually on my back.

    I tend to wake up in the same position I fell asleep in. I sleep deeply but rarely for very long at a time.

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