She talks more to these two guys while I still have barely spoken to her yet...

This is the other angle that I mentioned in my question entitled quite vaguely "What does this mean?" about the girl who randomly asked me if I'd had my hair cut. Not that relevant but thought it's better to mention it. So, there's also this... this girl who I have a huge crush on but haven't... Show More

Oh also, after the tutor sat down with the two guys and told them they need to "have a night with the xbox off, have a night without going to the pub, don't see your girlfriends for a night", the Star Wars geek kinda' said a checklist out lout that ended really blatantly with "...and I don't have a girl friend so I don't have to worry about that".

...I dunno' thought it might be worth mentioning.

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  • If she doesn't talk to you why don't you try to talking to her. For example, if this class is science talk to her while getting equipment for a experiment. Ask her to be partners with you for an experiment. While in the class catch her eye maintain eye contact and smile at her every once in a while. Girls like that. If she is going out of the class hold the door open for her - great way of starting a conversation. However, while holding the door you could just say have a nice day, etc. If she noticed you had a haircut then it definitely is a good sign since, it means she knows you exist if you know what I mean - like some girls they never notice who is in the class unless they are not confident. But I'd say overall try to find opportunities to talk to her

    • I'm so shy... and at this point the only people I talk to in the class are my two female friends... I don't talk to the guys and I kinda'... I dunno' feel threatened by them maybe... they seem like really cool guys but I don't know them and they're always crowding her I don't wanna' feel like I'm interrupting or something... as for the door, it's always stopped open lol

    • Lol that was an example I'm not much different to you - I'm very shy too when it comes to interacting with people face-face. Just say a simple hi or how are you to see if they are the friendly type or the 3's OK 4's a crowd type.