Why are many women so naggy?

So sorry.I don't mean to be rude but sometimes I really can't stand women nagging and nagging over and over again on the same topic/issue.Those women in my life who nag are usually above 30 years old.It's as though they are suffering from OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) but I hardly hear men... Show More

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  • When women get old they deteriorate not only physically but also mentally.

    MOST of young women are pleasant (although some actually already are naggy during early age) but later it's a whole different story.

    And there's no wonder why so many husbands and fathers sink themselves in a job and hardly are at home.

    • I agree.Wow,you really know how to analyze things!

      And my cousin is one good example.He would rather sleep at his shop than to go home and hear his wife nag at him and their children the whole day.