Why are many women so naggy?

So sorry.I don't mean to be rude but sometimes I really can't stand women nagging and nagging over and over again on the same topic/issue.Those women in my life who nag are usually above 30 years old.It's as though they are suffering from OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) but I hardly hear men nag.Are these women too insecure or lonely?

I see that the more they nag,the more their husbands,children and friends dislike them although they are always nagging out of good intention.But when I look at the men around me,they hardly nag and are equally as good/even better at handling problems!Shouldn't we learn from these men?What's wrong with these women? :( Sometimes I really feel sorry for them.

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  • When women get old they deteriorate not only physically but also mentally.

    MOST of young women are pleasant (although some actually already are naggy during early age) but later it's a whole different story.

    And there's no wonder why so many husbands and fathers sink themselves in a job and hardly are at home.

    • I agree.Wow,you really know how to analyze things!

      And my cousin is one good example.He would rather sleep at his shop than to go home and hear his wife nag at him and their children the whole day.

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  • Ithink it's because they are too motherly sometimes, and won't let people justt be themselves. Some people aren't in a hurry to change or perfect themselves. But a lot of women won't let people be 'imperfect!.'

    We all have faults, but we don't want to 'work' on them CONSTANTLY.

    • If they drive women like me crazy,I think they would drive men even crazier!Ta men hui rang wo fa shen jing de!

      By the way,why are all the questions you ask so difficult to answer?Hehe.

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    • Nagging,just like worrying,is not a good approach to solving problems.There are women in my life who nag for decades but their husband and children still never change and some even become worse.The only man in my real life who nags is my dad.He has been nagging at my mum for 4 decades but she never improves.

      Women would be more ke ai if they don't nag.Haha.

      By going deer hunting,your dad is blocking your mum a little so that he would not feel depressed. :)

    • He escaped into nature where there is no nagging!

  • They are just insecure and have no life. They have to just insert themselves into someone else's business to feel good about themselves.


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  • Why are many women so naggy?

    Possibly the same reason reason many guys are so whiny that reason being gender constraints. In my experience gals get the gender constraint of being seen as dismissable so they nag to get their requests taken seriously while guys get the gender constraint of being seen as tougher so they whine to get their complaints taken seriously.

    Are these women too insecure or lonely?

    Possibly both.

    Shouldn't we learn from these men?

    Unsure who you mean by we just because the gals in your life nag doesn't mean that applies to gals in general. No different than if the guys in one gal's life were misogynistic a**holes that doesn't mean it applies to guys in general.

    What's wrong with these women?

    Likely rheir requests aren't being taken seriously so they repeat their point. In my experience guys don't tend to nag because their requests are taken seriously.

  • oh I don't know my dad is pretty naggy haha, probably just a bunch of obnoxious busy bodies ughh!

  • I think apart of it could be the stress of being a mother and running a household. It may just be that they are insecure and unhappy so they're overly critical of other people such as their husband. Another possibility is that the husband generally isn't being as helpful as he could. Some husbands act like all they have to do is go out and make money so they can provide and it's the wife's duty to handle everything else. I've seen that leave women very stressed and frustrated because of the husband's lack of help.

  • yeah not my experience. guts say women nag but I don't actually experience that. some people do some dont. the stereotype is that this is a pathology of women. men are in no way exempt.

    also a lot of guys call someone else attempting to have a rational discussion ' nagging'. not the guy of course. he can bitch but its just him being assertive. women are accused of all sorts of things when they assert an issue. what's commonly called nagging is often just a woman raising an issue. you know not knowing her 'place'. getting too uppity.

    you may experience nagging women, but that's a handful of people in the world. we also see things in the way we wold prefer. you may feel superior to other women if you can think of them as nagging. maybe you are passive and want t think of it as positive. not speaking up to you might equate to 'not nagging'.

    women generally have to fight harder to get anything done. so it easy to say its too intense, but there's always obstacles. is not really as though you're looking at a completely even playing field.

    additionally. men are taught that it is manly to be extremely passive aggressive in relation to women. another issue of keeping ones place. its a way to control things without raising your voice or using violence. . ignoring asn issue. 'withdrawing' taking man space' all are ways of trying to provoke someone else. if you refuse to discuss something and it is important there sill be repeated attempts. tis is then called nagging. instead of one persons failure to act like a responsible adult.

    everyone needs space. when men want space they have it dress it up as an important man need. that women are trying to obstruct. by nagging.

    imo, I think just the fact you are using the term nagging instead of talking about what actually happens, is indicative of isa prejudice you have. . not a problem yore observing.

  • I know what you mean! I think sometimes these women are just unhappy. I hardly ever see this from guys. XD

  • I always assumed it's because we are brought up to be passive/aggressive. It's drilled into our heads that no one likes a bitch and by bitch we are taught that anyone women who is not super nice and a doormat is a bitch. So instead of teaching us to be assertive many end up as passive/aggressive. Sometimes this is nagging other times it is the nice to someone's face then rude and bitchy behind the same person's back and all the other ways that are probably the bitchiest behavior s of all. It is counter production to teach women to be nags but I find the women most concerned about being thought of a bitch are the ones that nag the most or back stab the most. Ironic.

  • My boyfriend nags more than me. FAR more than me. I'm laid back majority of the time. I think that they just want them to just get up and do something so they keep bringing it up. Men don't listen well lol