How can I be a strong woman?

How can a woman show her boyfriend that she is strong. and attract him more. And how can she shows him that she is a challenge and caring at the same time?

thank you guys.


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  • Never understood the whole challenge thing.

    Why would you want to make things more difficult or make yourself into something that needs to be conquered, defeated or overcome? What ever happened to living with compassion, love caring and working towards a common goal and try to avoid obstacles instead of creating them?

    In my eyes whole thing with being a challenge or playing hard to get is a childish mindset. It's the false belief that something given freely must be worthless and if you don't have to fight for it you will not appreciate it. People will throw away the most precious things if it's given to them freely. But if they have to give their blood, sweat and tears even for something half as precious, then they will treasure it.

    Love is meant to be easy, not difficult.

    Love is like breathing. It should be smooth, comfortable and natural. If it's not then there is something wrong with it.


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  • show him discipline and a work ethic.. keep a routine that you stick to no matter what. You need to show him that life will go on and you will still have a smile if he is there or not. Be your own person! It will attract a lot more into your life than just a guy.

  • Be confidant in yourself, work hard for yourself and demand respect. That's how I see strong attractive women at least.

  • I can't help noticing that when girls describe themselves as "a strong, independent woman", it usually just means they're arrogant and a complete pain in the ass.

    The "quietly confident" type is far more attractive.

  • Be confident. Love yourself as well as your family and friends. If you're going to challenge anyone, do so by being honest and kind and setting an incredible example. More easily said than done!

  • A strong, independant woman would be one that takes care of herself, and doesn't need a man for her own survival. She will never get stuck in a situation where she can't leave a man. She's with her man because she loves him and she wants to share her life with him, fairly and equally. That's all there is to it.

    I agree with Sketchy, that most women use it as an excuse to be whores/strippers/arrogant pains in the ass, instead of actually doing it the right way. It's not meant to be an excuse to be a stripper. If that's what you're resorting to you're actually REINFORCING negative stereotypes about women instead of doing anything to show that you're a stand up chick.

    • WTF? an excuse to be a whore? 'cause prostitutes are the only women with a backbone, I suppose?! please explain--I'd like understand the logic here!

    • Some women see that sort of thing as empowering. You can not be a feminist and a stripper at the same time.

  • Body slam the cheeky tosser then tend to his wounds :P

  • You can work out at the gym and arm wrestle with the boys.

  • Be strong, but don't be a challenge. The only person who wants a challenge in a romantic partner is someone who doesn't want a romantic partner at all, but a game.

  • I highly doubt that being "strong" is any good trait to have in a woman, in order to attract the opposite gender.

    • No, women aren't judged based on how strong they are, men are. Women are usually judged based on their appearance and how well they take care of themselves, BUT MEN ARE ALSO BASED ON APPEARANCE. It's a double standard that shouldn't exist. If women carried their own load in society and didn't get stuck in relationships where they had to rely on a man, they'd be better people for it, and they'd also be far better judges of what they want, in relationships, and life.

  • physics teaches us that heavier objects have stronger attraction force

    get fat and lift weights

  • Women that are confident,strong, independent and know what they want out of life are the girls that are attractive to me

  • That's attractive to him, huh?


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  • you don't need to change, if he's your boyfriend then it means he loves you the way you are

  • If you're truly a strong woman, that comes across in how you act and people will perceive that from your actions and the way you carry yourself. Being a strong woman is something you are, not something you have to try to be to impress a man. Doing that would make you the exact opposite of a strong woman. A strong woman can get along on her own without a man.