How can I be a strong woman?

How can a woman show her boyfriend that she is strong. and attract him more. And how can she shows him that she is a challenge and caring at the same time?

thank you guys.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Never understood the whole challenge thing.

    Why would you want to make things more difficult or make yourself into something that needs to be conquered, defeated or overcome? What ever happened to living with compassion, love caring and working towards a common goal and try to avoid obstacles instead of creating them?

    In my eyes whole thing with being a challenge or playing hard to get is a childish mindset. It's the false belief that something given freely must be worthless and if you don't have to fight for it you will not appreciate it. People will throw away the most precious things if it's given to them freely. But if they have to give their blood, sweat and tears even for something half as precious, then they will treasure it.

    Love is meant to be easy, not difficult.

    Love is like breathing. It should be smooth, comfortable and natural. If it's not then there is something wrong with it.