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Is he trying to talk to me again?

I had a very odd friendship with a guy, he used to basically lie to me to get attention, and ring me every day near enough and have pointless... Show More

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  • This guy sounds like a loser. you need to find someone else

What Guys Said 2

  • Why do you care? Move on and yes do not think too much

    • Emmm I actually started to like him. I know its stupid seen as he acts like a d***. But hey heck you can't help who you like.

    • True but please for your sake move on

    • yeah your right. I'm not obsessing over him or anything. I was just curious,. But ahh well whatever.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, but he wants you to talk to him first so that he can validate in his mind that you were the one who was wrong and that's why you spoke first, because you felt guilty.

    • Thats actually what my mum and auntie said because they both know him. I don't know

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