Is it wrong that I don't think Megan Fox is hot?

ill admit that she's cute but I don't find her hot. is this wrong

also, best answer will go to anyone who can convince me why I should think she's hot, not just "cute"


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  • I don't find her particularly attractive. I mean, it's not like she's ugly or anything, but do a google image search for "hot chick" or "sexy woman" or anything like that, and you'll get page after page of women who are just as good looking, if not moreso, than Fox is.

    Fox gets her recognition from that scene in Transformers with her bending over the car all sweaty, I think.


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  • That's just your opinion. Your opinion can't be wrong

  • Of course it's not wrong. Not everyone has the same tastes. If we did, the human species would have died out from too much of the same genetic material.

  • That's your opinion there's nothing wrong with that, everyone has a right to their own opinion

  • i don't understand why people thing angelina jolie and megan fox is hot at all. I get its the sex lips that people notice. If they had thin lips they wouldn't be seen as sex symbols at all

  • everyone has another taste but damn link that body!

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  • The world is virtually teeming with "hot" women. Why dwell on that particular overentitled dweeb?

  • No, I think she looks so artificial and made-up, and there's nothing original looking about her at all.

    Given the fact that she has stylists and make-up aritsts that work for her, she really doesn't get my attention that much. I see prettier and more pleasant looking girls all the time!

  • Nah, it's not wrong at all. You find attractive, whoever you find attractive, and it's not a choice. And it doesn't make you wrong nor weird.

  • You talk as if it's your JOB to like what other people like.

    • haha it'd be cool to be paid to do a pretty easy job, like being paid to sleep

    • Aye, this is true.

    • haha yeah if I got paid to say celebrities are hot I could pimp out the Elephant Man and Kathleen Freeman.

  • It's not wrong your entitle to believe what ever you want. I personally don't find her that attractive myself.

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