How would you know you are just eye candy to the girl?

and she is not interested in you and stares only because you are attractive


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  • She likes you. Period. Someone who thinks you are eye candy will flaunt you or flaunt your interest. If I realize a guy is considered good looking but he does nothing for me, I don't pay attention to him. If I like a guy, I look at him a lot and it is more difficult to talk to him then to talk to someone else the more aware I am that I like him. I am not considered shy at all but I can clam up when I like a guy or say dumb things. Yo smaile a lot because seeing them makes you happy.

    If it seems impossible getting to know a girl and you like her, I say just ask her out. There it's out. If she still doesn't say anything and just smiles, just make the plans:p.

    • actually she pays attention some days and some days she doesn't,so I decided to shift my focus on other girls in the class

    • Sure. Makes sense. From my prespective, I blow hot and cold because although I do like a guy, my opinion about whether he likes me or whether going forward would or should happen changes. What doesn't change is that I like him.

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  • She'll treat you like a trophy :/

    • You said it all there

    • she smiles at me a lot when we bump into each other,but barely talks and only smiles smiles that's it,even if I ask her question,she tend to smile rather of answering and when we are have group conversation she acts uintrested and has her attention somewhere