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Do you swear/cuss? Why do you do it?

And do you censor yourself around others or do you have no filter whatsoever?

What kind of people do you not swear/cuss around?

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  • I do. I think cursing is pretty poignant in a way, or it emphasizes expression in a way that pleases my ears. Also, I think vulgarity is somewhat symbolic in my mind of my disdain for certain conservative behavior and ideals. If there's a way to get it across through words that I don't personally agree with those conservative standards, cursing is one way to get that across. I like the sound of curse words. I say things that are considered really vulgar, like the word c*nt. The f bomb is also one of my favorites, and the b bomb, etc. I don't often say sh*t unless its "I don't give a sh*t".

    I don't really consciously censor myself around anyone. There are certain situations, like at certain places of work, depending on where you work, where you just kind of pick up the vibe and environment that cursing isn't the best thing to do there. In public, on the street ? No, there's no reason to censor myself there. Depends on the environment. Around certain people, I find myself not cursing much. but its not out of conscious effort usually. Its just my natural way of feeling people out, and sometimes I just don't have the natural inclination to curse around certain people. Usually if I'm extremely comfortable, I will end up cursing. If I'm just comfortable enough, and understand that the environment doesn't call for it, I usually won't curse. And then conversations come up in which people mention cursing or vulgarity, and I'm always honest and I make it clear that I have a potty mouth but for whatever reason it just hasn't come out in this situation.

    As for your last question... I definitely curse around my friends a lot. If we are in public and its not a formal setting or a setting that I don't feel is extremely sensitive to vulgarity, then whoever happens to be around will hear it because they chose to walk outside that day and encounter a variety of types of people, including those who curse. I try not to curse around little kids, but it has happened before. I'll usually just say sorry to their parents or something if they are in close proximity. Things like that. Other than children, its more about environment. I'm usually not going to consciously make the decision to hold my tongue for individual people or specific types of teenage/adult people, that's ridiculous. But if the environment is obviously not the right place, I usually process that naturally and end up not cursing. Its not a conscious thing, but sometimes I end up not cursing around people, and I'll notice that I'm not. Unless I have a friend or someone who likes to curse around at the same time. If no one else around me is cursing, or the people seem especially uptight, I may not curse, but I'll usually find a way to slide in a comment about how I usually have a potty mouth but "certain types of people" are a bit sensitive. Sometimes I really don't care though.

    Well this was a long ass answer for such a simple question lol

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  • I don't swear in environments when I'm in "professional mode" at a workplace, office, or teacher.

    I mainly say the occasional F-bomb (or lesser-caliber curse word) in a casual environment, to air out frustration for something such as a goof-up in a video game or a bad play in a sporting event...or to express emotion about a particular topic.

    But I don't curse a WHOLE lot, just a bit.

  • I have my good days and my bad days. Let's say a bad day for me now is what a good day was for me a few years. I'm really working on not doing it at all.

  • I do swear quite a lot. I don't really know why, but I guess it's just a way of expressing myself through words.

    I can filter it, but sometimes I choose not to.

  • I don't and do not like hearing it. Sounds stupid.

    People who take God's name in vain, I may say something the first time then just don't associate with them. I think curse words make people using them seem stupid. Many of the words have a legitimate meaning.

    Like take the pharas " fu**-ing pu**y, well every body like that, the boys and the girls and to call some one that means they like them, no, it means the person saying it is loss and cannot say what he truly means.

  • I don't really swear ever. Only when I play video games do I swear.

  • I tend to swear more around friends and family because I am closer to them than anyone else. Saying a friendly "f*** you" or "you mofo" doesn't always have to be bad...I swear occasionally, I don't see how it's only a bad thing.

  • I grew up swearing. But it's not like tourettes. Ever-so-often.

  • I do swear, but I wish I didn't as much. It sounds trashy; the main time I do it is when I'm frustrated. I don't mind cussing, just not overdoing it like I do sometimes which I hate it when I do it myself sometimes, I just don't think enough to filter it when I'm frustrated/angry.

  • Yes I do. Why? I'm a profane individual LOL

  • Too often I suppose. I grew up with foul mouthed kids though haha

  • Because I grew up around swearing parents.

  • Yeah wayy too much... the other day I was sitting at the table I'm like pass the f***ing salt please... my brother is like yo why you swearing at the salt? G2 keep it on a leash. I censor myself during the first 1-2 weeks at a new job and on first dates, o and also around my grandparents, young kids and elderly people.

  • Like a sailor. Trying to curb the majority of it.

  • Occasionally. I swear sometimes, but not around people I just met. Only around people who I know aren't really having a problem with it. It's not good to swear too much, like every few sentences. As that just looks trashier than an ICP-fan buying root beer at walmart.

  • I generally don't swear

  • Nah I never do cos I'm too cool ;) I mean there's no reason to, I think it's rather immature.

  • Like a sailor, sometimes. Only around my friends, they're OK with it. I know when & where it's appropriate. I know it's not appropriate socially, but they are just words. I could be saying "green beans!" with the same intent. Samething.

  • I try my best to not swear around most people. I swear because I heard my parents swear and I have been doing it for 32 years or so

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  • I'm not the type who curses like a sailor/truck driver... but if I'm angry I might spit out a few words here and there. But I don't normally talk that way.

  • I curse when I feel its necessary (like in an argument, or if someone strikes my nerve).

    I can hold a conversation (unlike some people), without having to use a curse word at all.

  • No.

    In my mind things might fly but never does the though even tingle the tongue.

  • No, I don't.

  • In my head I do all the time. Out loud I usually don't. I have to be really pissed off to cuss...it's more effective that way.(:

  • Sometimes.

    I find I do it more around different people. Usually I do it for emphasis - and in a jokey way.

  • I do not swear around family or my elders it just seems very disrespectful to do so. I only swear when I'm mad or when around my friend from time to time.

  • i swear/curse probably more frequently than most.

    my favorite/most used word is the F-bomb (it can be used for everything!)

    why? simply cause I can. I feel more free in my expression. it sometimes gets my point across better.

    i censor my language around my children and my parents&grandparents.

    At work anything goes,every other word is swearing!

    (I do work in a no-public place where its acceptable to swear, do drugs, and have vulgar tattoos. If I worked with the public I would censor it there too.)

  • When I was younger, I swore often. It was a way of rebelling. I thought it sounded cool and edgy. "Oh, they're just words, who cares?" was my attitude at the time.

    I am the complete opposite now. If I am angry, I will swear - it does help relieve stress, and sometimes, lighten the mood a little. But it is not a regular part of my vocabulary. I always try to be seen as a classy, composed, and professional person, and vulgar language, no matter the context, does not ever project that. That doesn't change, no matter who I'm with.

  • F*** yeah I do.

    • LOL well played

    • And I meant it.

  • No

  • i had.. but I generally don't

  • Im scottish and iranian, both are know for foul language lol. I am terrible for it. I am not that bad around young kids however you have slipped up a few times

  • I rarely cuss in front of anyone, and if I do, it's usually because I'm frustrated or really upset about something. I try my best to avoid cussing and use replacement words like 'refrigerator' or 'sh*ttake mushrooms' instead.

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