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If a girl gets hit on often, is that actually a turn off?

Perhaps not a "turn off," but if a girl gets flirted with/asked out/complimented by men often, does it make her seem intimidating and unapproachable... Show More

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  • I wouldn't make a move because I figure she's interested in one of the other guys.

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  • Depends on the volume of it, I mean it can get annoying to be interrupted every 2 minutes by some random guy if you're in hte middle of a conversation...Otherwise how much a girl gets hit on doesn't really factor into her attractiveness

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  • For most guys its a turn on. Men are proud to have a "trophy girl", a woman who is highly valuable to other men. Now if he thinks he can't measure up to the competition and has confidence issues, he might just not pursue her but it's still not a bad thing. guys hit on girls who are hot so how could that be a turn off? If a girl rarely ever got attention then that'd mean she was ugly and what guy wants that?

    • By turn off, I meant, would she seem less approachable/possibly conceited. I know if I saw a guy get lots of female attention, I'd probably think, "He knows he's attractive, he could have anyone, why bother talking to him?" It's not really a turn off, but I wouldn't pursue him. I wonder if the same is true for guys.

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