How much will hair grow in a month while taking Biotin and Folic Acid?

Hair is supposed to grow about 1\2 an inch a month. Has anyone used these vitamins to grow hair quickly? How did it go?(:


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  • Biotin helps in strengthening hair, but it won't make hair grow any faster. All it does is strengthen, which means less breakage and more noticeable growth.

    The folic acid is only necessary if you're deficient

    I use biotin and have been using it for...maybe less than a year, consistently. But for over a year inconsistently. My hair has definitely become stronger and it breaks less.

    But as you mentioned, hair typically only grows 1/3-1/2 inches a month.

    Remember to eat healthy and just take the biotin consistently. With biotin it's often said it can take up to 6 months to see any impact on the hair, because your body has to adjust to any nutrients

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      Thanks for the answer, I'll keep that in mind!(: